2010 Season

The year for the Colton Heath Motorsports #13c Sprinter has definitely not gone well. We have had engine issues all season long, both with the 360 and the 410. But that seemed to change this past weekend at State Fair Speedway in Yakima. It's the last sprint car race of the year in Washington and the ASCS Northwest Championship.
     On Friday Colton started 9th in the first of three heat races. He moved steadily through the field and by the finish he was 4th.This had him 3rd in their point system and he drew the 7th starting position in the A Main. They have a different qualifying system than we are used to. He started the 30 lap Main and finished 5th. The event ended early and so everyone went to the Fair.
    Saturday started with complete maintenance of the car. Colton started the 6th in the second heat race, finishing 2nd. he then drew a 5th place starting position for the A Main. Starting there he moved up to 3rd place when in the early laps, during a red flag, he discovered the left front tire was flat. He had to come into the pits and we changed the tire. But now he had to start in the back of the field, 18th. Not losing his composure Colton methodically moved through the field of cars and finished 5th. It was the best outing for the
#13cin 2010.  Hopefully this is a sign things may be turning around for the team.   Colton would like to thank Steve Tupper and Roy Rasmusson for the awesome 360 engine Roy assembled for this race. Also BJGammel for his trailer, mule, help at the track and for towing the #13c to Yakima. 
     And our sponsors in 2010
:  AllStar Performance, ADH Consulting, Bell-Easton, BJ & Sue Gammell, Dick's Towing, Keizer Aluminum Wheels,  Legends Brands (which includes Dri-Eaz, Microban, OdorX, Sapphire Scientific, Unsmoke Systems and associate sponsors: Avenue Catering, Bob's Chowder & BBQ Salmon, D.K.Systems, D.R.Smith, Co, Inc, Hampton Inn & Suites, Holiday Inn Express, Human Resources, Inc, Kohler, Pat Rimmer Les Schwab, Pizza Factory, QualFab, and Triad Products Corp.),   Mount Vernon Storage, O.P.C., Roy Rasmussen, Shark Racing Engines, Skagit Powder Coatings, Smart Service and Triple X Race Co..
     Colton would also like to thank the people that helped him this season in the pits and behind the scenes: Mikala Gammell, Devin Barnes, Michael Hodel, BJ Gammell, Josh Williams, Michael "Juicy" Messer, Wendy Wagoner, Kelsey Carpenter, Travis Carpenter, Bill Rude, Jason Solwold, Mel Roberts  and his Dad. 
Colton Heath Motorsports team is currently trying to put together a trip to Las Vegas over theThanksgiving weekend for a 2 day ASCS 360 National race. 
     This is a link to the ASCS Northwest website: . At the site, right side there is  a catagory Photos/Videos. Click there and then click on 2010, scroll down to 9-24-10 videos, click on it, then Top 8 pill draw (great interview). There are photos and videos for both nights there.


Saturday, June 19:  After a good cleaning and full maintenance on the car at Triple X Race Co., we arrived back at the track. In the scramble Colton finished 5th, his starting position in the A Main. With everything set we rolled onto the track for introductions and the start of the race. At the end of the 1st lap he was 4th and running great and the car seemed to be set-up perfect for the conditions. But on lap 8 a connecting rod in the engine let go and our night was over. Officially he finished 23rd. "That's Racing".

The engine will come out Monday night and to Shark on Tuesday for repair and possibly figure out exactly what happened. Colton's next race will probably be the Mid-Season Championship night at Skagit, July 10.

Friday, June 18:  This day started at Shark Racing Engines with the installation of a new oil pump and one new oil hose to help with an oil blow-by problem we have encountered. With the new pump in it was off to the track. Colton qualified 8th as the top wing came apart on his second lap, severely slowing the car. But 8th was quick enough so he would start 3rd in the 3rd heat race. He quickly moved into 2nd place where he finished, transferring directly into the A Main, starting 11th. Leo and the crew readied the car and after another 30 lap race Colton finished 5th. He had accumulated enough points in the two nights to be 6th overall for Saturday's program. He would also be in the scramble which sets the first 6 starting positions.

Thursday, June 17: The first day of Dirt Cup. Colton qualified the #13 Colton Heath Motorsports 410 6th, with 44 cars timing in. This placed him 3rd in the 1st of 5 heat races. They transferred the top 3 finishers in each heat race directly into the A Main but Colton finished 4th. This placed him on the outside of  the front row in the B Main. On lap 14 he passed for the lead and won the B Main. He then transferred to the A Main, starting 16th. After 30 laps he managed to finish 12th. They have a point system for the 1st two days and after day one Colton was 11th in overall points.

June 6, 2010: Let me start with an apology for this being the 1st report on the 2010 410 season but it has not started well for the Colton Heath Motorsports team. First race Colton flipped the car. Second race he hit the wall and the frame was damaged beyond a quick repair.. The frame was replaced with a Triple X Race Co chassis. Colton, Juicy  and Mikala worked a lot of hours that week. Third race he had engine issues and did not run the main event. In the 4th race he qualified 2nd, and went from 7th to 4th in the A Main (getting better). There have also been 4 rain outs since the Skagit Speedway season started.

Last night things started to look better; Colton qualified the 13c 4th, with 18 410's timing in. In his heat race he started 3rd and finished 4th. In the A Main Colton started 5th (8 car inversion) and passed for 3rd on lap 2. On lap 11 he passed for 2nd, which is where he finished. There is still a small issue with the engine but we are confident this will be worked out before Dirt Cup, June 17-19.

Saturday, January 16:

Now that he was a "seasoned veteran" (62 laps) we readied the car for the second of 2 C Mains. Colton would be starting 6th (with 6 transferring to the second B Main). But before he raced they had an opening ceremony where all the A, B & C Main drivers go out on the track grouped by the states & countries they represent. So Colton carried the Washington State flag (he also threw Frisbees into the crowd) as he and the other driver's walked the track and were introduced. Then it was time to "saddle up" and race the C Main. Colton quickly moved into 4th position were he stayed for most of the race. On lap 14, on a restart, he dropped back to 5th. On the last lap he made contact with the driver in front of him in turn 3 and the driver behind  hit Colton and spun him around and he died on the track in turn 4. 100 feet short of the finish line. We all threw our hands up in frustration, but as I always say, "that's racing". Colton would like to thank his team: Steve Smith (crew chief), Gary Taylor, Mike "Juicy" Messer, Cody Cordell and his Dad. And of course his sponsors: Smiley's Racing Products (Texas, Tom Lorenz, owner), Hawk Racing Engines, Triple X Race Co., Keizer Aluminum Wheels, Allstar Performance, Bell-Easton, Digital FX, and AFCO Shocks for their  support in Colton's First Chili Bowl.


Friday, January 15:

With 12 practice laps on Monday (and watching 3 days of preliminary nights of racing) Colton took to the track in his heat race. Starting 4th he finished 4th, right on the back bumper of the 3rd place car. This transferred him  into the A qualifier, where the drivers attempt to get more passing points. He started 8th again and this time finished 5th. This earned him enough points so that he would be starting 3rd in the second of 2 B Mains. He led most of the race but on a restart with 3 laps to go the car pushed right on the start and he ended up finishing 2nd. 4 cars out of each B Main transfer into the back of the A main, so Colton was set to start 19th. In the A Main he ran a nice race, passing cars and finishing 13th on the night (there were 64 cars qualifying on each night) 


Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Saturday the Expo Center was a busy place. There were go-kart and quad A Mains in the morning and then the 600 mains. Colton was on the pole of the B Main in the Outlaw (open motor) class. He led the 1st eight laps and then when going into turn 3 the chain came apart and wrapped around the rear axle. The race was over for Colton. He was officially scored 17th. In the non-wing class he started 3rd in the A Main. On the 1st lap going into turn one the leaders checked up and after contact Colton spun out. How he didn't get run over by the 20 cars behind him I still can't figure out. But he was sent to the back (23rd) and the race was re-started. From that 2nd green flag he started moving forward. At the end of the race he was 7th. This was quite an accomplishment considering the quality of the driver's in the race. There is always next year. The official results can be found at There were 1000 cars there so it takes awhile to find everyone.

Our friend Gary Taylor (from Snohomish, now Oklahoma) ran a new class with a midget car equipped with a Chevrolet Eco-Tech Engine. He started 10th in the A Main and finished 2nd. The car he drove is the car Colton will be driving in his 1st Chili Bowl (he qualifies Friday, January 15th, and the Main events are on Saturday). He will have a fresh Hawk 4 cylinder engine they are installing on Thursday. The car is owned by Cal Herdson (Triple X Race Co.) and Smiley's Racing Products in Texas. This is a huge opportunity for Colton.
Colton has my camera so I have no pictures until after the 18th. I will forward some then.

Colton would like to thank his sponsors for the Shootout: Triple X Race CO., Gordon Seros Racing Engines, Keizer Wheels, Digital FX Graphics, Bell-Easton, and his newest sponsor, Allstar Performance.

2009 Season

Saturday, October 3,2009

Super 600 Nationals

 Thursday; Colton, Hodie and Kelsey arrived in Visalia, California just before 6:00 PM Thursday night. Just in time to hot lap the Triple X Race Co. 2x 600. Colton's pill draw for the night had him starting 3rd in his heat race. He finished 3rd, but with no passing points he was to start 3rd in the B Main. He managed to move into 2nd place and transferred to the A Main. Starting 22nd in the A main, Colton slowly moved forward. On lap 18 he made contact with another car. He wheeled the front tires pretty high and when the car came down the muffler came loose and fell off. Since you have to have a muffler when you  finish Colton pulled the car into the infield. His night was over.

 Friday; Colton and his crew installed a new muffler and serviced the car in the hotel parking lot. His pill draw had him starting 4th in his heat race. The track was much slicker than Thursday and Colton was able to win the heat race (the only car to win that didn't start on the front row of their heat). This gave Colton "high points" for the night and he would be starting in the pole position for the A Main. Colton led all 30 laps in a race that had 13 caution flags.  The number of cautions in the race had caused him to use up all his fuel (also used for weight) and this made the car 2 lbs. too light at the end of the race. Colton was disqualified, wiping out a great performance. But that's racin'.

 Saturday; with the previous nights race not counting, Colton started 7th in the B Main. The track was again tacky, like Thursday, and he could only manage to move into 5th place. Since only 4 transfer to the A Main, the night was over. But then there was a reprieve. One of the A main cars would not start, so Colton, as the alternate, lined up 24th in the field. On the 20th lap the car started to overheat (dirt in the radiator fins) and Colton pulled the car into the infield, finished for the night, and was scored 21st. The team had some consolation in the fact they made all 3 A Mains and Colton was the highest finishing Washington State driver. They had a great time, met many new racers and can't wait to return for another opportunity to race on the challenging California tracks.

Colton would like to thank engine builder Gordon Seros for his help at the track during the weekend.

 And Thank You's to his sponsors for 2009: Triple X Race Co., Gordon Seros Racing Engines, Keizer Aluminum Wheels, Bell-Easton, Smart Service and ADH Consulting.


September 26, 2009

 Saturday, Colton's good friend, and a good friend to everyone in racing, TRAVIS RUTZ was injured in Indiana in a Sprint Car accident. He is in critical condition in a hospital in Indianapolis. His family and girlfriend are there with him, along with fellow racer Tony Lutar. The K & J Motorports team extends there heartfelt sympathy and best wishes to Travis and his family for a speedy and complete recovery. The are updates on Travis' condition on
Godspeed, Travis.

Friday, September 25, 2009:

 The K & J Motorsports team arrived in Yakima with Roy Rasmussen's 360 engine installed ready to compete with the best ASCS driver's in the northwest. Since the ASCS does not qualify their cars there is a "pill draw" to select starting positions for the heat races. Colton drew a 36, so he started 8th in his heat race. He moved steadily through the field, finishing 5th. With his accumulated "passing points" he lined up 12th in the A Main. He drove his way through the field and finished 5th.  A good start for the weekend of racing. Then it was off to the fair for an hour.

 Saturday, September 26, 2009:

 The crew serviced the car most of the day Saturday. Colton drew a 24 and would be starting his heat race in 4th. During hot laps the track seemed to be tacky and Colton was able to run strong on the outside (top) of the track. But when going out for his heat race, during warm-ups, it had become much slicker. Colton spun the car in turn 3 and backed up to the wall. This took his starting spot away: he had to start 9th. He managed to finish 5th, but with no passing points, would be in the B Main. He started on the outside of the front row and took the lead. Colton led all 12 laps, running very strong, lapping most of the field. Transferring to the A Main he started 17th. On the first lap, due to a big pile-up, he was 11th. On the next restart he was in 10th and made it up to 8th. But on that restart he made contact with another car in turn one. The car jumped into the air and came down hard, pushing the torque tube into the bottom of the seat, bending the seat and bruising his tailbone. Colton came into the pits and we fixed the seat (hammer) and he went back out. But the pain was too great and he came back in. He and Leo decided to call it a night and park the car. Colton was checked by the emergency crew and found only to have a bruise. He is doing fine now, just a little sore. Officially I believe we were 17th.

This could be our last race this season. There is only Trophy Cup in California left in late October. But all the starting spots are taken, so we may not be able to race there. I will let everyone know if we do.

Colton would like thank the K &J Motorsports crew: Leo, Bill, Mikala, Hodie and Josh for their help throughout the season. Also to Taylor Daugherty, Shaina Barnes, Taylor Sunkel, B.J. Gammell and Roy Rasmussen for their help in the pits. Thanks also to Devin Barnes and Kelsey Carpenter for their help in the pits at Yakima.

And Special Thanks to all the K & J Motorsports sponsors: Marysville Paving and Asphalt, Sanford Tire and Auto Repair, Kaizer Aluminum Wheels, Triple X Race Co., Chalk Stix Torsion Bars, BJ & Sue Gammell, Digital FX, ADH Consulting, Barnes Painting, Ken's Redmond Auto Body, Skagit Powder Coating, NorCal Performance, and Smart Service for their support throughout out 2009 racing season. Thank You. 

Wednesday night Colton, Hodie and Kelsey Carpenter loaded up the Triple X Race Co. 2x 600 and headed to Plaza Park raceway in Vislia, California. This is a 3 day, $5000.00 to win ($1000.00 extra if an out-of-state driver wins) "National" event. There will be plenty of very tough driver's at this event so Colton has his work cut out for him.


September 19, 2009

Season Championship Night

Saturday morning started out with some repairs and the installation of Roy Rasmussen's engine into the K & J Motorsports 5x Outlaw 410.  We fired the engine at Shark Racing Engines and it ran OK and there were no leaks. We arrived at the track in time to move right into the pit area and right into hotlaps. There were no qualifying or heat races so we prepared the car for the a scramble, which would set the starting positions for the A Main Event. Colton started on the outside pole position and moved into the lead on the green flag. There was a spin in the back of the field and on the restart Colton had to settle for 2nd, which is where he would finish. Starting again on the outside front row for the A main, Colton took the lead and managed to lead the first 24 laps, but on the last lap, with the car losing power due to a damaged fuel tank, he was caught and passed by the 2nd place car, finishing second. He also finished in 2nd place in the 410 division for the year at Skagit Speedway, 2nd year in a row. We will see what next year brings.

This coming weekend, September 25th & 26th, Colton and the 5x will be Yakima, running with the American Sprint Car Series, with Roy's ASCS engine. We did very well in this event last year, 2nd on Friday and was moving forward on Saturday when the car flipped and ended Colton's night. We hope to see you all there. 

Devin and the crew of the Ken's Redmond Auto Body 22 Sportsman had the car all ready when they arrived at the track. Devin, like everyone else in the scramble, finished where he started; in his case 5th. He started 5th in the A Main, but on the 2nd lap he went in a little too deep and spun the car. He had to go to the back of the pack on the restart. By lap 10 he was back up to 8th and finished 5th. Devin also finished 5th in the Season Championship at Skagit. He can hardly wait for next year as he is improving every week he competes.

Devin would like to thank his crew: Nick, Kelsey, Marty, his dad Rick, Josh & Hodie, for their help Saturday. And Thank You's to his sponsors for 2009: Ken's Redmond Auto Body, Triple X Race Co., Barnes Painting, LLC., and Colton Heath Motorsports.    


Friday, September 4, 2009:

Colton qualified the K & J Motorsports 5x Outlaw 410 21st out of 33 cars. He started the heat race in 5th, finishing 7th.The crew reset the car and he started and finished 3rd in the B Main, transferring to the A Main Event. He started 22nd in a 23 car field, methodically moved up until on lap 22 he was running 10th. Then after another car made contact, he slowly spun out near the flag stand. In the melee that followed he was hit by another car, damaging the 5x beyond repair; the first night was over for the 5x. Officially Colton was scored 15th, our best finish with the Outlaws at Skagit Speedway.

 Saturday, September 5, 2009:

 The crew repaired the car at Triple X Race Co. in the morning, preparing for the second night of the World of Outlaws. We replaced the hood, exhaust headers, left front wheel, right rear shock mount and it was as good as new. Colton qualified the 5x 16th, with the quickest time he has recorded so far; 11.075 seconds. Starting in the pole position, with a slippery track surface, the 2nd and 4th place cars passed Colton, but he hung on to finish 3rd right behind the leaders. This transferred him to the A Main, starting 16th. He again started moving through the field, up to 12th by lap 9. But on lap 10 we had to pull him off the track. Earlier contact with another car had broken both front motor mounts and he had poor brakes (a bad brake rotor from the previous nights accident). Neither was fixable in the pits. Again Colton's night was over too soon. He was scored 20th. Two A Mains, two DNF's. We could only hope for better luck at Grays Harbor on Monday. 

 Sunday, September 6, 2009:

 Once again we were at Triple X Race Co. repairing the car. The crew had to remove the engine so Colton could weld on new motor mounts, the front axle was also replaced to cure the brake issue. Also the chassis maintenance was completed. We removed the engine from Mike Harris' car to take as a back up for the rest of the trip. Thanks to Roy Rasmussen for the loan of the engine. We decided to wait until Monday morning to make the trip to Grays Harbor.

 Monday, September 7, 2009:

 It was raining off and on when we arrived in Elma. Around 3:00 PM the track and Outlaw officials called the race. We had done well there last year and were really looking forward to running there. We left for Cottage Grove, Oregon.

 Tuesday, September 8, 2009:

 We were greeted with sunshine and warm weather in Cottage Grove. There were 30 cars timing in and Colton qualified 23rd. This again put us behind, but the crew was optimistic for the evenings racing. Starting 7th, Colton, slid off the track in turn oneof the second lap.The track had to use a wrecker to get the car and driver off the wall, but he was back in he race with no damage and finished 8th. The crew then prepared the car for the B Main. Starting 6th, Colton quickly moved into 5th place, where he finished, transferring to the A Main. He started the Main Event in 21st, again moving through the field. On lap 15, running 11th contact was made with another car and the Watts Link was broken. Colton continued on but was starting to drop back a few positions as the car was now not handling as good as it was. On lap 24, running 17th, contact was made with another car and the rear end exploded, ending the race for Colton and the 5x. Officially he finished 19th. This was our 3rd A Main and we had yet to finish an event.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009:

This morning we replaced the damaged rear end and serviced the car in the hotel parking lot, loaded up and headed for Chico, California. We arrived in Chico around 7:30 PM, checked into the hotel  and called it an early night.

Thursday, September 10, 2009:

 The weather in Chico was hot. Colton qualified 28th, with 35 cars timing in. On the 1st lap of the heat race the engine started to shudder and Colton shut it down. After checking it out in the pits we determined the engine had a bearing problem and the first night of Gold Cup was over for the 5x and crew. After racing was over we took the car to Tony Lutar's trailer and installed Roy's engine. As it was late we called it a night and decided to finish the engine swap and service the car on Friday.

 Friday, September 11, 2009:

We completed the installation of our back-up engine and serviced the car in the hotel parking lot. From there we went over the NorCal Performance to clean the car. Then it was off to the race track to watch the Friday qualifying night.

 Saturday, September 12, 2009:

2009 Gold Cup Race of Champions

 When we arrived at the track we were to start 7th in the D Main. On the start Colton quickly moved into 5th, and then into 4th on lap 4. He slowly closed the gap to the front 3 cars and on the last lap, last corner, he passed on the inside for the number 2 spot, transferring to the C Main. Back in the pits we quickly fueled and adjusted the car for the next main. Starting 14th, Colton moved up to the 5th position by lap 3 (with the help of several restarts) which is where he finished. Only 2 transferred to the B main, so our night was over. The team was content with our performance, obviously wanting more at this event, but that is racin'.

 Colton, Leo and the crew of the K & J Motorsports 5x, Bill, Mikala, B.J., Hodie and Josh, would like to thank all our fans and also our sponsors: Marysville Paving and Asphalt, Sanford Tire and Auto Repair, Kaizer Aluminum Wheels, Triple X Race Co., Chalk Stix Torsion Bars, BJ & Sue Gammell, Digital FX, ADH Consulting, Barnes Painting, Ken's Redmond Auto Body and Skagit Powder Coating, NorCal Performance, and Smart Service for their support on this trip and throughout the 2009 season. Special thanks to Colton's #1 Fan and to Heavy D for their support on this trip. Also to Ned Spath at NorCal Performance for the use of his shop in Chico and Tony Lutar for the use of his trailer and hoist..

 Next race will be Championship Night at Skagit Speedway this Saturday, September 19. Hopefully one of the 410 engines will be salvageable. Then with Roy's 360 we plan to be at Yakima for the ASCS show there, September 25 & 26th.


Saturday, August 29, 2009:

 Colton qualified the K & J Motorsports 5x Outlaw 410 seventh in a 13 car field. He started in the pole position in his heat race, dropping to 2nd on the start (track was very wet and slick, especially on the inside) and finished 2nd. He was the quickest car in either heat race, 11.409, faster than his qualifying time. Again due to the track condition. In the A Main Event he started on the outside of row 1. He ran second until lap 7, when he passed for the lead. He started to pull away from the pack when on lap 11 the "car started vibrating" and he shut the engine down, coasting to a stop. After he was pushed into the pits we discovered a hole in the bottom of the oil pan. The engine had broken a push rod. The night was over. He was scored 14th.

As this was the last regular season points race  there appears to be little doubt that Jesse Whitney will win the Skagit 410 Championship. Congratulations to Jesse and his crew. We had some tough battles this year and he was a worthy competitor.   

As of this writing Shark Racing Engines (Thanks Mark) should have our engine repaired (only damage was the 2 broken rods) and we will be installing it on Friday. So we will be racing with the World of Outlaws Tour on their West Coast swing. Friday, Sept 4th and Saturday, Sept. 5th we will be at Skagit Speedway. Monday, Sept.7th we will be at Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma. Tuesday, Sept 8th in Cottage Grove, Oregon and Thursday-Saturday, Sept. 10-12th in Chico, California, at Silver Dollar Speedway.    

 Devin and the Ken's Redmond Auto Body 22 Sportsman started 5th in his heat race . He passed into 4th on the 1st lap, and finished 4th. In the A Main Event he started 2nd (outside front row) and ran 20 almost perfect laps, finishing 2nd. We all agreed this was Devin's best and most consistent run this year. He is so close to another win. Maybe at the Season Championship race on September 19th?


Saturday, August 22, 2009:

 Colton started the evening out by qualifying the K & J Motorsports 5x Outlaw 410 with a time of 11.371, again faster than he has qualified before. But with another tacky racetrack it was only enough for 8th quickest in the 14 car field. In his heat race he and the 410 points leader, Jesse Whitney, were lined up on the front row, but could not get the start (jump) either of them wanted so they were both sent to the 3rd and 4th positions, which is where they both finished, Colton 3rd. In the A Main event Colton started 3rd. On the 1st lap he dropped back to 4th. Then on the 2nd lap he passed into the 2nd position in turns 1 and 2. He stayed there, slowly catching up to the leader in traffic, but then a caution flag would come out and re-line up the field. On the restart on lap 22, the leader "bobbled" slightly and Colton pulled alongside and they raced through turns 1 and 2. Colton entered turn 3 wide open, on the inside, and put on what the announcer said "was a major league slide job" to pass for the lead, and then onto the WIN. This is the 3rd WIN this season for Colton and the crew. 

Colton would like to thank his crew: Leo, Bill, Mikala, and Josh. And also the sponsors of the K & J Motorsports 5x Outlaw 410: Marysville Paving and Asphalt, Sanford Tire and Auto Repair, Kaizer Aluminum Wheels, Triple X Race Co., Chalk Stix Torsion Bars, BJ & Sue Gammell, Digital FX, ADH Consulting, Barnes Painting, Ken's Redmond Auto Body and Skagit Powder Coating.

Devin started his evening out in the 2nd heat race, lined up 4th. On lap 2 he passed into the 3rd position, where he finished. In the A Main event he lined up 2nd with 22 cars taking the green flag. He ran a strong 2nd place until lap 13, when he dropped back to 3rd. On lap 18 he came into turn 3 a "a little hot" and went into a slow spin. He restarted and finished 10th. Another win for Devin is right around the corner, as he is improving with every race. He would like to thank his crew: Kelsey, his Dad Rick, Marty. And the sponsors of the Ken's Redmond Auto Body 22 SportsmanTriple X Race Co., Barnes Painting, LLC., and Colton Heath Motorsports.     

August 15, 2009

 Colton, Crew and the K & J Motorsports 5x 410 arrived at the track ready for the evenings competition. Colton was able to qualify the car quicker than ever, with a  time of 11.411. But as the track was very tacky, which means you need lots of horsepower, the time was only good enough for 10th spot. The K&J team would like to congratulate Travis Rutz for setting  a new 410 track record, 11.020. It was definitely the track for it.  We then prepared the car for the heat race. Colton started and finished 5th in his heat. One groove, tacky track surface, no passing to speak of. There was no  inversion for the Main Event, so we started 10th. Colton was able to make it up to 7th, but that was as far as he could go. Hopefully the track next week is a little slicker,  then the driver makes a bigger difference. 

Devin was also ready when he arrived at the track.  He started and finished 5th in his heat race. In the Main Event he started 10th and was up to 8th on lap 12 when a red flag came out. He stopped on the track with his rear brake rotor glowing. Under red flag conditions usually you can have as many people on the track as needed, but sometimes they only allow 2. This was one of those times, but 4 people went to the car, and they moved it backwards so the brakes would not lock up. This is against the rules and they disqualified Devin and the Ken's Redmond Auto Body 22. An unfortunate mistake. But Devin will be back again next week, ready to race.


Friday, July 31, 2009:

 Friday started out very well for the K & J Motorsports 5x. We had installed Roy Rasmussens's fresh 360 right off the dynometer at Shark Racing Engines. It ran great, made good power and sounded as strong as ever. At the track Colton qualified 2nd fastest, with 54 cars timing in. Starting 4th in his heat race he finished a strong 3rd, transferring straight into the A Main Event. This event has the car with the most points (timing in & in the heat race) starting in the back of the field, so Colton was lined up 15th. The track was very dusty and it was difficult to see. In the middle of the race Colton made contact with another car, which broke in front of him, damaging the front nose wing, which made the car very difficult to drive (the front wheels want to lift off the track).  In the 30 laps there was very little passing by anyone and without the nose wing Colton finished 15th. We had all hoped for a better finish but the track just did not allow that to happen. Colton was to start 13th in the A Main Event on Saturday.

Saturday, August 1, 2009:

 Leo and Bill serviced the car in our camp and readied the car for the evenings racing. Starting 13th in the 22 car field., Colton started passing cars right away, heading for the front of the field. On lap 11, while running 10th, Colton went low into turn 1 and hit a nice big hole in the track. This upset the car and he could not keep it from spinning all the way around. This put him to the back of the field, 22nd, with 29 laps to go. Driving smoothly he was able to work his way back to 11th by the end of the race. Finishing 11th out of 54 cars, 1st time back in a 360 in almost a year, is no small accomplishment, but it would have been nice to have a little of the "racing luck" go our way

Now it's back to the 410 and the championship hunt at Skagit Speedway. Hope to see all of you out there this Saturday.

Colton would like to thank his crew: Leo, his dad, BIll, Mikala, Hodie, Josh, Devin Barnes and Taylor Sunkel for there help in the pits. Josh and Hodie had the car looking better than ever during the night.

Colton and the K & J Motorsports 5x team would like to thank all out sponsors: Marysville Paving & Construction, Triple X Race Co, Sanford Tire and Auto Repair, Keizer Aluminum Wheels, BJ & Sue Gammell, Skagit Powder Coating, Ken's Redmond Auto Body, Barnes Painting, Chalk Stix Torsion Bars, DIgital FX and ADH Consulting for their support this season.

Friday, July 24, 2009:

Having won the 2009 Clay Cup Nationals we have all decided to park the Triple X Race Co. 2x 600 for a few weeks to re-group and plan for the remainder of the 2009 season. I will keep everyone posted as to our plans as they arise.

We would like to thank everyone for their support.


Saturday, July 25, 2009:

Hard to believe but right after packing the track it started to rain. Then after a bit it poured and they cancelled the nights racing.

Next up is the 2009 360 Nationals this weekend at Skagit Speedway. Roy Rasmussen is back from fishing and is finishing the 360 engine. Our plan is to install it tomorrow night. This is a 2-day event, with Saturday night paying $10,000 to win. Colton finished 2nd last year, so there is some pressure to better this year. We all know he is capable, just needs some luck. We hope to see all of you there.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

2009 Clay Cup, Day 1:

 Colton and the crew of the Triple X Race Co. 2x 600 arrived at the track ready for the 2009 Clay Cup Nationals. During hot laps the car appeared  to be fast, but the throttle cable broke on the 2nd lap. We were a little nervous about qualifying. But Colton managed to qualify with the fast time of the night; 10.598 seconds with 43 cars timing in. The car was running perfect. Next was the heat race. Starting 4th, Colton drove into 3rd on the 1st lap, into 2nd on the 6th lap, and into the lead on lap 7. With a complate inversion, fastest cars to the back of the field, Colton was to start 15th in the Main Event. He quickly moved through the field and finished 3rd, right on the bumper of the 2nd place car. Having set fast time qualifying, winning his heat race from 4th, and finishing 3rd after starting 15th, Colton was the 1st nights point leader by 10 points. He actually scored 717 points out of a possible 725. This made everyone very confident in Colton's chances for the weekend.

Friday, July 17, 2009

2009 Clay Cup Nationals, Day 2:

 With the amount of points Colton accrued on the first night we decided to qualify the car and see how it went from there. We installed a different rear gear, more as an experiment to see if we could go faster. In hot laps the car was very fast, but it took to long to slow down and it actually was slower overall. With no time to change the gear back we decided to park the car for the night and see if last nights point total would hold up. It did and Colton was the points leader going into Saturday's finale.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

2009 Clap Cup Nationals, A Main Event:

The crew changed the gear back to Thursday's and readied the car for the night. They have a "Match Race" between the top 2 qualifiers. Best 2 out of 3 laps. Colton won the 1st lap but the muffler came apart and he was disqualified. We were glad it happened in the match race, instead of the the main. Starting the A Main on the inside front row Colton never looked back. The car was perfect and Colton was perfect, weaving his way through lap traffic, leading the race by a full straightaway at times. On lap 35 there was a caution, which grouped the field back together. On the re-start Colton took off and was never challenged. Colton Heath Won the 2009 Clap Cup Nationals 600 class. Something we have been trying to accomplish since 2004. And he dominated the entire weekend.
Colton would like to thank his crew for the weekend: his dad Bill, Josh Dewitt, Hodie, Josh, Kelsy & Travis Carpenter, Candace, Leo, Tayler and Lance Lopez. Without their help he could not have pulled off this victory. And also a Thank You to his sponsors: Triple X Race Co., Gordon Seros Engines, Skagit Powder Coating, Keizer Aluminum Wheels, chalk Stix Torsion Bars, Ken's Redmond Auto Body, Digital FX and ADH Consulting.

You can listen to an archived version of the race by the track announcers on


Friday, July 10, 2009:

We arrived at the track on time (3 times n a row?) and readied the Triple X Race Co 2x 600 for the evening. Hot laps went well and we prepared the car for qualifying. We had a small problem with the carburetors, but still managed to qualify 8th, with 30 cars timing in. Colton started 3rd in his heat race and finished 2nd, transferring to the A Main. He was lined up on the outside of the front row. On the start, he and Kyle Johnson ran nose to nose for 2 full laps, before Colton finally pulled ahead, leading all 25 laps for the WIN. The new engine and Colton's driving have resulted in 4 wins in the past 6 weeks. Colton would like to thank his sponsors: Triple X Race Co, Seros Racing Engines, Keizer Aluminum Wheels, Chalk Stix Torsion Bars,  Ken's Redmond Auto Body, ADH Consulting, Bell-Easton, and  Digital FX for their support this year. This weekend is Clay Cup at Deming Speedway. 3 days of racing, ending with a $5000.00 to win Main Event on Saturday. Colton finished 3rd last year and we would all like to see that improve this year. All Colton's friends and fans are welcome. There will be live broadcasts from the track on each night so you can listen if you can't be there.

Saturday, July 11, 2009:

 Leo had the K & J Motorsports 5x 410 ready for Saturday's racing. The engine was fresh from Shark Racing Engines (after breaking a connecting rod at Dirt Cup) and the new DMI rear end re-installed (with what we hoped was the correct length driveshaft). Since it was Mid-Season Championships there was no qualifying or heat races. The top eight cars in season points ran a 6 lap scramble for their starting positions. Colton is 2nd in points so he started outside, front row. He led all 6 laps to win the scramble. In the main event he started in the pole position, but came out of turn 2 running second. On the second lap he passed for 1st. and led the remainder of the race. WIN number 2 for 2009. Colton won the race by over 5 seconds, almost 1/2  a track lead. His performance was outstanding, with good passes over the lap cars. He credited Leo for the "set-up" on the car, and the team's (Bill, Mikila, Hodie, Taylor & Shaina) efforts for the win . Colton also wants to thank  his sponsors: Marysville Paving and Asphalt, Sanford Tire and Auto Repair, Triple X Race Co, Shark Racing Engines, Keizer Aluminum Wheels, Chalk Stix Torsion Bars, BJ & Sue Gammell, Digital FX, ADH Consulting, Bell-Easton, Ken's Redmond Auto Body, and Barnes Painting. Next race is July 25. Hope to see you there.

Devin came into the night 4th in points. This had him starting 4th in the scramble. But as the race ran down you could tell something was not right with his car. When  inspected  in the pits, we found #5 rocker arm shaft had broken and the lifter had come out of it's bore. No way to fix it at the track, so his night was over. Dissapointing, but Devin and crew will bounce back and be ready for the next race on the 25th. Devin would like to thank his sponsors: Ken's Redmond Auto Body, Shark Racing Engines, Triple X Race Co, Colton Heath Motorsports, & Barnes Painting.


Friday, July 3, 2009:

 We finished the installation of the new Honda 600 RR engine for the Triple X Race Co 2x 600 MIcro-Sprint and headed for Deming Speedway. Since it was MId-Season Championship night and we were 13th in points, we planed to race the B Main and then hopefully the A Main. But the track put us at the back of the A Main, with only 3 hot laps on the new motor. We knew the gearing was wrong so we changed it, but that was about all we could do without actually running the car on the track to see which way to adjust. Starting 12th Colton steadily moved up to 6th place. On lap 14 he made contact with the inside wall in turn 1, breaking a steering heim joint. We tried to fix the  car before the race restarted but ran out of time. Officially he was scored 16th. Not a good night but we did learn some things about the new engine. Colton would like to thank Aaron Fell, Hodie, Josh and Leo for their help in the pits, trying to repair the damage.


Saturday, July 4, 2009:

  Colton was racing the car without it's wings tonight and was really looking forward to the upcoming race. At the shop he constructed a new front axle specifically for non-wing racing (extended more on the right side). The rest of the crew cleaned and prepped the car for the evenings race. Colton was the 1st car out to qualify; which is not usually  a good thing. He ran an 11.457 which was quick time for the night. He started 4th in his heat race, quickly moving into 3rd. On lap 4 the front two cars tangled and Colton moved into 1st, winning the heat race. With no invert, Colton started in the pole position and led all 25 laps to WIN the Main Event. He did have some pressure from Lance Sargent, but with no mistakes, he showed he was definitely "the man to beat" this night, it was his 1st "clean sweep"  (fast time, heat and main event wins in the same night).

Colton would like to thank his crew: Bill (his Dad), Leo, Hodie, Josh for their help with the car at the track. And his sponsors: Triple X Race Co, Keizer Aluminum Wheels, Bell-Easton, Gordon Seros Racing Engines (what an awesome engine), ADH Consulting, and Digital FX, because without them, nights like this would never happen.

Skagit Speedway was closed for the Fourth of July, so the K & J Motorsports 5x 410 and the Ken's Redmond Auto Body 22 Sportsman did not run. Both will be in action on July 11, for the Mid-Season Championship. Hope to see all of you there.

Friday, June 26, 2009:

Colton and I arrived at the track on time and ready for the night's action. Colton qualified the Triple X Race Co 2x 600 6th, in a 28 car field. We then prepared the car for his heat race. He started 3rd and finished 2nd after passing for that position on lap 4. But we noticed a dragging from the rear of the car. It appeared the brake caliper mount bearing had failed. So Leo and I replaced it and readied the car for the A main. Starting 5th Colton moved into 4th on lap 3. But then the brakes started acting up again and as the race went on, the car got slower and slower. Finally on lap 23 the brakes were not working at all and Colton rolled to a stop. The car was pushed in and we were done for the night. Officially scored in 13th place.

We have a new Honda 600RR motor from Gordon Seros which we installed Saturday and Sunday along with a complete new rear axle assembly for this coming weekend. These are the 'hot"  motors right now, so we will see if all the hype is true. It would be nice to see all Colton's friends and fans at the track this Friday.


Saturday, June 27, 2009:

 The 410's were off this Saturday and next Saturday, the 4th of July, the track is closed. Colton does not race at Skagit until June 11th, for the Mid- Season Championship.

 Devin and his crew showed up at the track ready for a good night. The Ken's Redmond Auto Body 22 Sportsman looked good as usual. He hot lapped and the car seemed good so with a slight air pressure adjustment he went out for the 1st night of qualifying for the Sportsman Class this year. He timed in 2nd, below the track record, but 100th of a second slower than the fast qualifier. Bitter-Sweet, but shows how Devin and the car are improving as his "seat time" grows. Staring 4th in his heat race, where he quickly moved into 3rd and then on lap 5 passed for 2nd place. A very strong run for Devin. In the A Main Event he started 2nd, moved back to 3rd, and then on lap 12, while trying to pass for 2nd, he spun the car, and had to go to the back of the field. Restarting 10th he moved back up to 4th by lap 18, but that was as far as he could go. A 4th place finish, but he passed 6 cars to get back up to that position.
Devin will be back also on July 11th, for the Mid-Season Championship night. Hope to see all of you there.


Thursday June 18, 2009

Day One, Dirt Cup

Thursday morning Jeff Blanton and I installed a new DMI rear end in the car. Then it was down into the pits to ready for the night's racing. Colton had a good hot lap session and the car was running great. On the 1st lap of qualifying he ran a 11.656 lap, which was 5th overall, with  41 cars timing in. But on the second qualifying lap the driveshaft came out of the read end and he had to shut the car down short of the flag stand. So the team went to work and changed back to the old rear end (Alan Larsen's) and readied the car for Colton's heat race. H e started 4th and finished a strong 3rd transferring to the A main, 3rd in overall points. Starting 13th in the A main (they invert the top 15) he managed to work up to 11th when the car rolled to a stop. Something had let go in drivetrain and our night was finished. We ended up 19th overall. We were all disappointed but had a plan to install another rear end Friday morning and continue on.

 Friday, June 198, 2009

Day Two, Dirt Cup

 Friday morning we took the car to Triple X Race Co to install Kelsey Carpenter's back up rear end. When we pulled the torque tube off the rear end we found our problem. The driveshaft had twisted in two. We installed Kelsey's rear end, ate lots of food at their open house and went back to the track. Qualifying did not go as well, 23rd out of the 41 cars that timed in. The out of town teams had really turned it up. So we readied the car for the heat race.Going out to warm  up for the heat race Colton noted a vibration and then some smoke. He came back into the pits and we discovered a hole in the oil pan. At least one connecting rod inside the engine hand broken and we were finished for the night.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day Three, DIrt Cup

 Saturday morning we were again back at Triple X. This time to install a loaned engine from the Kentch Brothers Racing Team. We switched out the engine and made sure the driveshaft and rear end were all still good (they were), ate more food, and headed back to the track to have the Kentch Brothers fine tune the fuel system. All went well, so down into the pits again to ready the car for the C Main. Starting 9th Colton managed to finish 3rd, securing a starting spot in the back of the B Main Event. Starting 18th in the 19 car field, Colton managed to move into 17th when something came through the hood and damaged the firewall, interfering with the throttle linkage. He was pushed into the pits and we made a quick repair (bent the firewall out of the way) and sent him back out. On the restart there was a red flag and when we went out to the car we all decided to call it a night, save the car, the borrowed motor and just regroup for the rest of the season. Colton was scored 17th in the B Main. Definitely not how the weekend started out, nor what we expected. But that's racin' and we will move on to the next challenge.

 Colton, Leo and the rest of the K & J Motorsports team (Bill, Hodie, Mikala, Shaina, Taylor, Lena, Kailee & Jayden) would like to thank all those who helped us during the weekend: Kelsey and Travis Carpenter, Mel Roberts, Devin Barnes, Jeff Blanton  & Lisa Scott and Candace and definately the Kentch Brothers (Greg, Wade & Ryan) for the loan of their engine...

We would also like to thank our sponsor's: Triple X Race Co, Sanford Tire and Auto Repair, Keizer Aluminum Wheels, Chalk Stix Torsion Bars, Digital FX, ADH Consulting, Ken's Redmond Auto Body, Skagit Powder Coating, BJ & Sue Gammell, Bell-Easton and our newest sponsor, Marysville Paving and Construction for their support and help during the 2009 season. And a thanks to Marty Barnes, owner of Barnes Painting, who sponsored the fuel for the weekend's racing. Thank you to all of you.

 The next race for the K & J Motorsports 5x 410 will be Saturday, July 11th, the Mid-Season Championship night at Skagit Speedway. We hope to see all our friends and fans at the track.


Friday, June 12, 2009:

The crew, driver and the XXX Race Co 2x 600 showed up at the track early. Plenty of time to get into the pits, set up, and ready the car. Colton qualified 4th in the 24 car field. In his heat race he started 4th and finished a strong 2nd, right behind the leader. For the A Main Colton started 2nd, outside front row.  On lap 2 he was in 1st and led the rest of the race and won. BUT, in the post-race inspection the track determined the control box for the engine appeared to have been tampered with and he was disqualified. A disappointment for sure, but Colton and the team will bounce back from this and move forward.  

Saturday, June 13, 2009:


After last week's win Leo found the motor had a mechanical problem (it leaked down too much) and it was removed and sent to Shark Racing Engines to be repaired. It turned out to have a couple of bad valve seats (motor got too hot) and Shark repaired it. We would like to thank Mark and Shark Racing Engines for their quick service.

The team reinstalled the motor Thursday night. There were a few gliches in the evening. The steering wheel came off in hot laps (Colton saved the car, and himself, by gripping the shaft and steering the car with his hands). Then a nut on the throttle plates came loose in qualifying (which made the throttle stick,and he could only manage to qualify the K & J Motorsports 5x in the 9th position). Just before the heat race we changed the spacing on the right rear wheel and it rubbed on the brake caliper (but we found and fixed it before he went out). He started 2nd and led all 8 laps for the heat race win. We double checked  everything for the main event. Colton started 8th and running the top, was in 5th place in no time. On lap 15, after a caution, he was in 3rd. When the race re-stared Colton passed (they said "he blew by") the 2nd place car, where he finished. At the finish line Colton had his right front tire up to Barry's left rear, coming in 2nd by less than a car length. We were all overjoyed with his performance (credit Leo for the car's set-up) and now stand 2nd in season points for the year.

Colton would like to thank his crew; Leo, Mikala, his Dad, Hodie, Josh Dewitt, Shaina & Taylor for all there help in keeping the car on the track.

This coming  weekend is The Dirt Cup. $25,000 to win. We plan to take our share of the purse. We would like all our friends and fans to be there to support the 5x team.


June 6th, 2009

Colton Heath brought home his first 600 victory in over two years, driving his car to a comfortable win in the Speedmart PMP 600 class. Heath led every circuit of the 25 lap feature, beating Jake Benson and JR Thomas to the stripe. The win gives Heath victories in two separate open wheel dirt divisions on the season, as he won a Ford Focus Midget main event two weeks ago at Gray’s Harbor Raceway. Heat race wins went to Spud Allen, JR Thomas, Danielle Huson and Phil Schemenauer. Shaun Holtorf dominated the b main and raced his way to fourth in the feature. Dustin O’Brien set quick time.

May 30, 2009

The K & J Motorsports and Devin Barnes Racing teams would like to extend  our best wishes to Devin's crewman, Andrew, for a speedy recovery from the injuries he sustained Saturday Night at Skagit Speedway while working on Devin's car in the work area. I was told he has a cracked vertebra and required 12 stitches in his leg after he was run over by Devin's car while it was being pushed by a truck. He was completely under the back of the car before the truck could be stopped.. A very unfortunate accident, should never have happened, but he is home now and should be up and about in 3 days or so. Get well Andrew.

Friday, May 29, 2009:

 The crew arrived at the track late as usual. But in time to run hot laps. Colton qualified the Triple X Race Co 2x 600 10th, with 26 cars timing in.  In his heat race he started 2nd and won. Colton started 8th in the A Main. He moved to 6th but on lap 3, he made contact with another car and spun the 2x around. Colton made a 360 degree turn and kept going, unfortunately he dropped back to 12th. He did his usual passing from there, some high, some low, and finished 4th. A nice recovery but we all know there is more in the car and the driver. We will all be back again this coming Friday. Still looking for that elusive 2009 Win.

Saturday, May 30, 2009:

Leo had the car all ready to go Saturday and BJ towed it to the track, as usual. Colton qualified the K & J Motorsports 5x 410 10th, with 18 cars timing in. Disappointing, but the crew did some fine tuning on the car and readied for the heat race. Starting 5th Colton was able to move up to 3rd position by the end of the race. Since there is usually not much passing in the heat races the team felt much better about the evening. Starting 8th in the A Main Colton quickly moved up to 5th place by lap 2. He was battling with the 4th place car when on lap 6 the right rear brake caliper mount broke and the brake line tore off. Fortunately, for the 5x,  there was an accident and under the red flag Leo and the crew were able to cap off the brake line and bleed some of the air from the brake system. But it was not enough for Colton to have complete control. He continued to battle with the 4th place car, but was passed on the next to last lap and finished 6th. Considering the brake issue, his finish was another example of Colton's ability with the car, even with a "handicap" he was still able to be competitive on the track. We are still waiting on the "Racing Gods" to give us some luck in the other direction. But that's racin'.

Devin's night in the Ken's Redmond Auto Body 22 Sportsman was pretty much the same as Colton's. He started 5th in his heat race and finished 5th. In the A main he started 9th, moved up to 5th by lap 7, but on lap 15 he had another car flip completely over the top of his car, damaging both wings. Colton, Hodie and Devin's crew changed the wing in the work area (GET WELL ANDREW) but there was not enough time to complete the repairs and he had to retire the car for the evening. Officially Devin finished 9th. Devin and the car survived and will be back next week.


Friday, Mat 23, 2009:

 Colton and crew arrived at Deming Speedway right about 5:00 pm, with the Triple X Race Co. 2x 600 ready to go. New fuel system, new set up, new outlook. Colton qualified 4th, with 27 cars timing in. He had his fastest time this year, so things were looking better. He started 4th in his heat race, which he easily won. Starting 3rd in the A Main he managed to reach 2nd place, which is where he finished. A much better performance than we have had all year, as the car and the driver seem to be back on track. Thanks to Hodie for his help in the pits.

 Saturday, May 24, 2009:

 Saturday started out about the same for the crew of the K & J Motorsports 5x 410 as they readied for Skagit Speedway. Leo and Colton had installed Cal's 410 (so we could freshen Leo's engine). We had also installed a borrowed rear axle from Alan Larson as we are waiting for our new one to arrive. At the track the car just did not seem to run right in hot laps. We made a few adjustments and went out to qualify. But as Colton applied the throttle the car died. No Time. In the pits we inspected the car and found it too low on fuel to run. The new engine used quite a bit more fuel than Leo's and caught us all off guard. We fueled it and started 9th in the heat race, finishing 8th. They had us lined up 10th in the A Main and Colton quickly started moving forward. He finished 3rd, a strong run for the team, with all the "problems" we had earlier in the day. He looked as good as ever as he made his way through traffic. With a little more fine tuning we should be ready for this coming week. It would be great to see you all there.

 Devin started and finished 3rd in his heat race. Due to the invert for the A Main, he started on the pole. He never looked back. He led all 20 laps and finished well ahead of the 2nd place car. Devon's first win in his sportsman sprinter was perfect. Congratulations to Devon and his crew, Nick and Tim for their hard work and well deserved VICTORY. They can hardly wait for the upcoming weekend.

Devin would like to thank his Sponsors: Ken's Redmond Auto Body, Triple X Race co, Barnes Painting, and Colton Heath Motorsports for their support in 2009. 

Friday, May 15, 2009:

This was the 1st Friday since Colton used to drive for the Chong Family that the 2x team was at the track

before track packing, even before the pit shack opened to let us in. But it really didn't change our luck with

the car or it's performance. Colton qualified 16th out of the 24 cars present. He started 5th in his heat

race, which after struggling is where he managed to finish.  We all could tell there is still something "not right"

with the car/engine combination. We reset the fuel pressure and starting 4th in the B Main, Colton, determined

to finish well, passed the 3 cars in front of him in the 1st corner and went on to win. The car seemed a little

better, so we swapped out another set of carburetors for the A Main. Starting 13th he quickly moved to 8th in

the 1st lap which is where he stayed and finished. Still not running right we plan to change the complete

fuel system for the upcoming week. Hopefully we will get the car right and start racing like the team and

especially the driver are capable of.

Colton would like to thank his dad, Mel and Kelsey for there help in the pits. And the sponsors of the 2x 600:

Triple X Race Co, Kaiser Aluminum Wheels and Bell-Easton.

Saturday, May 16, 2009:

 Saturday the weather could not have been better. We were all at the track a little early and ready for the evenings

racing program. With another different track surface  (4th this year) Colton could only qualify the K & J Motorsports

5x in the 10 position, with 18 entries. In his heat race Colton started 6th and was able to drive the car into 4th

which is where he finished. The outlook seemed like it might be improving. But is was about to go to the

negative. Starting 9th Colton struggled with the track and the car. Moving high and low on the track he just couldn't

a groove he could run, pass cars and move to the front. On lap 17, entering turn 3 very high, Colton mis-judged

the turn and "caught the berm" with the right front wheel, breaking the front axle, and the car flipped over. He was OK

but the car was done for the evening. He was scored 15th. Colton and crew were disappointed, but as they say,

 "that's racing". No matter how well you prepare things can happen. But one of these days we are hoping the

"Racing Gods" will shine on Colton and the 5x team again.

Colton would like to thank his crew, Leo, Dad, Hodie, Mikala, Taylor and Shaina, for keeping the car race ready for

our sponsors and fans Also his sponsors: K & J Motorsports, Triple X Race Co., Shark Racing Engines,

SanfordTire and Auto Repair, Skagit Powder Coating, Kaiser Aluminum Wheels, Kens Redmond Auto Body,

Digital FX, Chalk Stix Torsion Bars, NorCal Performance, BJ & Sue Gammell, Bell-Easton and ADH Consulting

for their support in the 2009 season.

Devin seems to be having most of the good luck this racing season. Starting 5th in his heat race he quickly moved into

4th, where he finished. In the A Main he started 7th he moved right into 5th, On lap 19 he passed  for 4th, where he

 finished. A good solid run for Devin. He ran more on the top of the track in the turns and it payed off for him. A great job by 

Devin and his crew.

Devin would like to thank his crew: his dad Rick, Big Al, and Andrew. Also his 2009 sponsors: Ken's Redmond

Auto Body, Triple X Race co., Barnes Painting,  and Colton Heath Motorsports.


Friday, May 08, 2009:

The crew arrived at Deming Speedway almost on time this weekend. Colton drove the XXX 2x 600 from the parking lot right onto the track for packing. The car seemed fine but he was only able to qualify the car 13th. Disappointing, but we readied the car for our Heat race. Starting 5th he moved quickly into 4th position but the car did not seem right. It had no "zip" off the corners and he was passed back, finishing 5th. This put us in the B Main, starting on the outside of the front row. I took the carburetors apart only to find some "gunk" inside. We put them back on the engine right as it was time to pull out for his race. He pulled strong off the corner on the start but when he was in turn 2 the carbs came loose and the car died, Race & night were over. Too much of a hurry to get out on the track. The good side of this is we figured out what was wrong so we should be ready for next week. Thanks go to Mel, Hodie, and Josh for their assistance in the pits. Also thank you's to Mikala and Taylor for keeping the car looking it's best.


Saturday, May 9, 2009:

 Colton qualified the K & J Motorsports 5x 410 2nd in the 16 car field. Starting 4th in his Heat Race he was running 4th when on the last lap he hit the turn 1 wall, damaging the rear axle. After assessing the damage the only thing the crew could do was replace the rear end. Thanks to help from Mel, Hodie, Andrew, and Barry (I hope I didn't miss anyone) we managed to swap another one in and set the car up for the A Main. Colton would be starting 11th (due to not finishing the heat race). The start went OK but on the 2nd lap there was a mechanical failure of the torque tube and the car rolled to a stop when the drive shaft came out. This night was over. Officially Colton finished 16th. Two disappointing nights in a row. But the K & J Motorsports 5x with be back out next weekend to climb back to the top of the standings.


Devin had a good night with the 22b Sportsman. In his heat race he started 6th and made a strong run on the top of the track to finish 3rd. The car and driver looked better than ever. In the A Main he started 2nd and hung on to finish 2nd. Great run.  He would like to thank his team: Nick, Andrew, Rick (his Dad), Kelsey, Big Al and Taylor Sunkel for all their help. Devin and crew are excited for next weekend, as they know a win is just around the corner.


Friday, May 1, 2009:

 Colton and the crew headed up to  Deming Speedway around 5:00, running late as usual. Colton managed to qualify the 2x Triple X Race Co. 600 in 11th, with 23 cars timing in. Yes, a new number, 2x.  No one seems to really know where it came from., but may have something to do with all the 2nd place finishes Colton has had recently.  In his heat race (there were 4 heat races) Colton started 2nd, dropped to 3rd and then moved back into 2nd. In the A Main Event he started 9th. On Lap 2 he was running 4th, and on lap 17 he was in 2nd place. By running "on the fence" in turns 1 & 2 Colton was able to stay with the leader, but not quite make the pass for the lead. On lap 22, while running along side the leader, Colton encountered a spun lap car, which he slid into. The rule states any car stopping on the track has to go to the back on the restart. So Colton was 12th on lap 23 and finished 9th. Everyone was happy with the new cars performance (and Colton's driving) and can't wait for next weekend. 

Colton would like to thank his crew: Mel, Kelsey, Candice, Hodie, Josh and BJ Gammell. And his sponsors: Triple X Race Co., Kaiser Aluminum Wheels and Bell Easton.


Saturday, May 2, 2009:

Rain. Rain. Rain. Saturday at Skagit rained out.



Saturday started out with a drizzling rain. But the crew readied the K & J Motorsports 5x 410 and headed for Skagit Speedway for night 2 of the 2009 season. The weather changed to sunny before race time. Colton qualified 5th (for the 3rd time this year) with 16 cars timing in. He started 2nd in his heat race, and lead every lap for the win. The car and Colton looked awesome on the track. Starting 5th in the Main Event he stayed there until lap 12, when the car rolled to a stop at the top of turn 2. Colton was pushed into the pits with a broken throttle linkage, the rod from the throttle pedal had come apart. We quickly made repairs and he was pushed off, now in 12th position. From the restart on Colton started moving forward, but with a couple more cautions was only able to make it back to the 7th spot. With 2 races completed, with mechanical troubles in both, the team feels fortunate to still be in 2nd place in Season Championship Points. So far we have been able to recover from these troubles but we all would like a problem free night, and to bring home a win, for the team and our sponsors.

Colton, Colton Heath Motorsports and the K & J Motorsports 5x team would like to thank our 2009 sponsors: Sanford Tire and Auto Repair, Skagit Powder Coating, Kaiser Wheels, Ken's Redmond Auto Body, Digital FX, Chalk Stix Torsion Bars, Triple X Race Co., Shark Racing Engines, NorCal Performance, BJ & Sue Gammell, Bell-Easton and ADH Consulting for their support. Also Thanks to Mikala, Shaina, Taylor and Hodie for their help in the pits. And Thank You to Colton's mom for the right rear tire.

Devin started out his evening with a nice pill draw (thanks Nick) which had him starting on the front row for his heat race. He won the heat race by a good margin. This put him 2nd for the Main Event. 20 laps later he crossed the line in 2nd. A great run for Devin especially after the crash last weekend. Devin would like to extend Special Thanks to Colton, Hodie, his dad Rick and Andrew for their help in getting the 22B back together after last weekend's flip. Also Thanks to Kelsey, Ric Robinson and Nick for their help in the pits. And last Devin would like to thank his sponsors: Ken's Redmond Auto Body, Triple X Race Co., Barnes Painting, and Colton Heath Motorsports.



Colton, Mel, Hodie, and Kelsey Carpenter finished the XXX 600 Friday afternoon, about an hour before racing started at Deming Speedway. The weather was sunny and warm (for April) and the team loaded the car and tools and headed for Deming. The car ran fine in hot laps and adjustments were made for qualifying. Colton qualified the car 5th out of  the 24 cars at the track. He started 3rd and finished 3rd in his heat race. In the Main Event Colton started 3rd, where he ran until the final lap, when he was able to pass for 2nd. A pretty good night for a car built in 4 days. Helped of course by Colton's experience and talent at Deming in the 600 class.  Thanks to Mel, Hodie and Kelsey for all their efforts. We are all looking forward to this coming week. And Thanks to Triple X Race Co., Gordon Seros Racing Engines and Bell-Easton for their support.


Saturday, April 18, 2009 was the season opener at Skagit Speedway. The morning was sunny and bright. The afternoon was overcast, but clear. The parking lot and pit area was wet, along with the track. But the K & J Motorsports team was finally ready for the racing to begin.

Thursday night we picked up the car, with new graphics, designed and applied by Jake Mann, at Digital FX. Back at Leo's house on Friday the car was almost complete. Saturday morning the final touches were applied at the track and the team moved into the pits, with the car ready to race. With the new chassis, fresh paint and awesome graphics the car looked ready to take on all comers.

Colton qualified the the K & J Motorsports 5x in the 4th position (18 cars qualified in the 410 division). This put the car in the 2nd heat race, starting 3rd. On lap 4 the car slowed to a stop on the track with the engine still running. We all thought it had come out of gear but after checking it in the pits it was determined something had broken inside the differential. The team, Leo, Bill, Roy and Mel Roberts installed the spare rear end and the car was cleaned and readied for the main event.

Since he did not finish the heat race Colton had to start 9th. As per usual he started moving up through the field towards the front. By lap 12 he was running 5th. On the white flag lap (24) he passed into 2nd place, From 9th to 2nd on a very rough track (only 5 of the 16 starters finished the race - 26 cars flipped during the evening) was a tremendous accomplishment and the team was very pleased with the car, and especially the driver, for their performance. The car, Leo's set-up and Coltons driving (with a little luck) again have proven this is a team to contend with in 2009.

K & J Motorsports (Kailee & Jayden) would like to thank their grandfather Leo, Colton, Bill, Roy, MIkala, Shaina, Taylor, and "Hodie" for their efforts Saturday. Also to Mel for his help. And the teams sponsors: Triple X Race Co., Shark Racing Engines, Sanford Tire and Auto repair, Skagit Powder Coating, Kaiser Wheels, Ken's Redmond Auto Body, Digital FX, Chalk Stix Torsion Bars, BJ & Sue Gammell, NorCal Performance, Bell  and ADH Consulting for their support and assistance.

Next race is Saturday, April 25, at Skagit Speedway. We look forward to seeing all our fans this weekend.

Devin Barnes made his 2009 debut with new paint also. The 22 Sportsman looked great.His pill draw had him starting in the 2nd heat race, 4th position, where he finished. Starting 2nd in the A main Devin battled with the 1st place car through lap 12 when he made contact with the car in front of him and went upside down, I believe 3 times over. He was OK and walked away a little sore and disappointed. The car suffered minimal damage and will return this Saturday to do battle again. Tough break for Devin, but as we all agreed, "that's racin".

Devin would like to thank his sponsors: Ken's Redmond Auto Body, Triple X Race co., Barnes Painting,  and Colton Heath Motorsports. And his crew: Kelsey, Nick, his dad  Rick, and Hodie

Sunday, January 4, 2009:


Colton and crew decided to run this class Saturday even though he was starting in 11th position in "B" Main 7. He was running 5th near the end of the race. Since only 2 transfer to the next main and the 6th place car was banging on him pretty hard, Colton decided to pull out of the race and save the car for the A Class. He was scored 11th. He would have liked to have done better but his starting position made it very difficult. Gary Taylor crashed in his "B" Main but Colton and Kelsey were able to get the car back together for the A Class That could have been a disaster as Gary was starting in the #1 position. They both decided not to run the "Outlaw" Class just in case.

A Class:

This is the race they went down for. Colton started in 8th and Gary started on the pole.  Colton raced hard, moving up as far as 4th, but whenever he went to pass on the outside he would get "freight-trained" by several cars and go backwards. He finally ended up having contact from another car that ended his night. 20th is where he was officially scored. Finishing 20th with 126 cars, first time on the track and 1st time in this car, is a huge accomplishment, so he has nothing to be disappointed about. Another competitor told Colton he couldn't remember anyone passing so many cars at Tulsa in one race. But there was one very bright spot on the night. Colton said "Gary was gone from the start and no one was going to catch him" At one point he was 1/2 a track ahead of the field". When I talked to Colton you would have thought he won the race, he was so happy the other Triple X car he built for Tulsa had won the race.

The 2 cars were so fast and put on such a good show that they both were sold at the track. Colton is towing back to Marysville with no cars in the trailer. This is the ultimate compliment for Colton as it shows he can not only drive them but can also build them.

2008 Season

Friday, January 2, 2008:

Colton's luck with "pill draws" is not any better with matches (that's what they use in Tulsa). There are 150 matches in the bag. The number on the match determines your starting position in the heat races. In the non-wing class Colton drew a 142 (8th in his heat race) and in the Stock  class (they call it "A") he drew a 139 (7th in that heat race). He also entered the "Outlaw" class which is for modified motors, even though he has a stock motor. He did that for "seat time" (more driving time on the track). He started 9th in that heat race.


 There are 125 cars entered in this class. Colton is running the same car, just removes both the top and nose wings, along with a completely different chassis setup.  He started 8th and was running 3rd on lap 3. On a restart, Colton attempted an outside pass for 2nd but spun the car and came to a stop. He was hit by several of the trailing cars and did not finish the race. He was scored 7th and will start 11th in the 7th "B" Main on Saturday. He was very fast so the outlook is very promising. The top 2 finishers in each "B" Main go to an "A" Qualifier. The top 8 from the "A" Qualifier transfer to the back of the "A" Main. So if he runs this class he has a tough road ahead. But who better than Colton to make it happen?


There are 106 cars entered in this class. After replacing the front axle and welding a nerf "spud" on the car, Colton and crew had the car ready for this heat race. This was a last minute entry to give Colton more time on the track. This class is for modified engines, Colton's engine is stock (for the "A" class), but he did very well, starting 9th and finishing 5th. If he decides to run this class on Saturday he will start 9th in the 2nd "C" Feature. The top 2 finishers transfer to "B" Main 2 (we would start in the back, 17-20th). They transfer the top 4 cars from there to the "A" Main Event. With a stock motor that would be a monumental feat. But coming form behind and passing a lot of cars seems to be the way Colton likes to race. We will see if he runs this event.

 "A" Class:

 This is the race Colton came for. He started 7th and finished 4th. They give points for your finishing position and add passing points for each car you pass to gain a position. I don't know the point structure for this but out of the 126 cars entered in this class Colton is starting the "A" Main on Saturday 8th, outside 4th row. An excellent showing for his first time with a new car and on a new track for him. Colton also assembled the car Gary Taylor is driving, he qualified 1st and has the pole starting position for Saturday. This means both cars Colton assembled and towed to Tulsa qualified for the "A" Main, a huge accomplishment.

Colton says this car is the best 600 Micro he has ever driven. The motor is very strong (Thanks to Gordo Seros) and the chassis is working very well (Thanks to Triple X and Colton's own knowledge and ability). Let's all hope for a very successful Saturday, in all the classes he decides to run.

You can get slightly delayed results on: if you want to follow Saturday's progress.

Thursday, January 1, 2009:

 The boys arrived in Tulsa Tuesday night, 8:00 pm our time (Tulsa is 2 hours ahead of us). 2100 miles in 53 hours. Not sure how they did it. All seem in good spirits. Colton and Juicy got signed in (his number is 313) and moved the cars inside. They are pitted with Eubanks, about 50 feet from the line up area, which makes it easier to know when to line up. Colton said he was "fastest time in his non-wing practice session" and "passed 8 cars on the the high side (including the PMP house car) in the winged practice session". His other text message said "it was a lot of work and he needed help". The 2 classes require different setups and also removing and installing the top and nose wings. The rest of the Triple X staff should be there today to provide some help, hopefully before his qualifying heats.


Sunday, December 28, 2008:

Colton and "Juicy" (Mike Messer) just left for Tulsa (3:30 pm Sunday), on their way to the 2008 Tulsa Shootout. They are getting an extremely late start as there were "hauler" difficulties and just getting the 2 600's ready to go (2nd car is for Gary Taylor) caused several delays ( including the weather and holidays).

We all need to wish them a safe journey. It's 2100 miles and they have to be there before 8:00 pm, Wednesday night. Looking on the internet,  they may be real lucky with the weather, with only some snow shown around Salt Lake City. Hard to believe they could not find anyone else that could go. So Colton is driving all the way there, then setting up the car, racing 2 classes and then driving back. (He thinks he is Super Human)

The trip and car are funded by Triple X Race Co. and the tow vehicle was donated by Gary Funk (many thanks Gary).

I will try to keep everyone who is interested posted on their progress.


Friday, September 26,2008:

We arrived in Yakima in the early afternoon. The track looked much better than it had last year. Leo and crew readied the car for our heat race. We did a little better with the pill draw, 38, which had Colton starting in the 6th position in the 4th heat race. He quickly moved into 4th. On lap 9 his friend Travis Rutz, running in the 3rd position, made contact with the back-stretch wall and flipped big. They did not restart the race for the last lap and Colton was scored 3rd. The Oudman Motorsports team wishes to extend their concern and sympathy to Travis and his family. He is a great competitor and a tough young man. And a good friend to Colton. We later heard Travis was back in Canada and doing fine.

For the main event Colton started in 11th position. By lap 7 he was 7th. He was on a mission to the front. On lap 25 he was 2nd. (He finished 2nd a great night for Colton and the Oudman Motorports team). Roy's engine ran very well and Leo's setup was right on. We were ready for night 2.

Saturday, September 27th, 2008:

Saturday morning started out with lots of sunshine. The crew arrived from the hotel and we all went to work preparing the car for the night. This night is a separate race from Friday night. The "pill draw" ( ASCS qualifying, ha ha) was 33. Colton started 6th, and finished 4th. He started the A main in 13th position. On lap 2, Colton and Barry Martinez came together on the front stretch and both cars flipped several times. As the 7o came to a stop in turn 1 the car caught fire. The safety crew was very quick to respond and quickly quenched the fire. At one point Colton's suit was on fire. As he pointed to his back, they sprayed him with a fire extinguisher. HE WAS NOT HURT, only a couple of bruises. (The crash can be seen on U-Tube at: ).
The car however did not survive. Almost every bar is bent. It is a great testimony to Colton's ability to build a car. The driver's area was undamaged and he was able to exit the car quickly. We are all thankful for his coming away from this unhurt. The 2008 7o is gone, with only  the engine, seat, steering gear, and a few bolts remaining. It has been a great year for Colton and the Oudman Motorsports team, but a sad ending.


Oudman Motorsports would like to thank all it's 2008 sponsors: Triple X Race Co., Case Marine & Industrial, Sanford Tire and Auto Repair, Right Way Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, Shark Racing Engines, Gen-XSigns and Banners, G.W.Auto Rebuild, Sandblaster's Inc, Powder Coatings Inc, RV Town, Craft Stove, North Country Motors, North Cascades Quick Lube, Skagit Powersports, ICI, Swan Net USA, LLC, Dick's Towing, Smart Service and Roy & Lynn Rasmussen. Without all your help the year would not have been what is was. THANK YOU ALL.

Also THANK YOU to all the people who helped with the car at the track and events throughout the year: Mikala, Mel, Juicy, Jason, Alan & Rhonda, Devin & Kelsy, Big Al, Shana, Taylor, Taylor S., Ty, Cal, Mark, Kelsy Carpenter, Lance Lopez, Nick and Roger's neighbor Chris..

Colton would like to thank Nian & Roger Oudman for this opportunity. And his crew chief Leo Voigt for his setup, help and friendship for the 2008 season. This was a very potent combination this year and the future is unlimited.


There is a rumor the team may be putting Roy's engine into Devin Barnes' car and running the non-winged show at Lebanon, Oregon, this coming weekend. Stay tuned, there may be one more race to report.


Fred Brownfield Memorial Race

Friday, September 19, 2008: The evening started out with a "pill draw" for Colton's starting spot in the the heat races. The ASCS format does not have real qualifying, it's done by luck. I cannot explain how their racing format works as no one understands how it works. There were 65 numbers, Colton drew a 46. This had him starting in the 5th heat, 8th starting position. Colton moved quickly into the 6th spot but that was as far as the track conditions would let him go. Colton started the 3rd "B" main in 3rd position. After a few laps he dropped to 5th and then came off the track on lap 10. The rear inboard brake caliper had sheared the mounting bolts flush with the rear end housing. No way to fix it quickly, so our night was over.

Saturday, September 20, 2008: The crew did all the maintenance on the car at the track, replacing the missing caliper (we later got the old one back from one of the push trucks) and the car was ready for the nights racing. We took the car and trailer into the pits, and went over to Roy and Lynn's and had a great barbecue. We did the "pill draw" again, a 56. Colton's starting position for this night would be 9th in the 1st heat race. At the green flag, going into turn 1, Colton and Danielle Huson made contact as she spun her car around. The contact damaged the front axle beyond repair. Our heat race was over. In the pits we replaced the front axle (Thanks to help from Devin, Big Al and Chuck Robinson) and readied the car for our "B" main. To decide the line up for the final night they tally the previous nights points, along with Saturday's heat race points. Driver with the most points starts first. We did not have many points. Colton started 10t h in the main and was able to advance to 7th in the short, 12 lap race. Our night was over. Not what we expected or are capable of but as they say "that's racin". We will spend this week forgetting last weekend ever happened and ready the car for the ASCS final at Yakima Speedway this coming weekend. Hope to see everyone there to cheer Colton to Victory.

Thank you's go out to Taylor and Juicy for making the car look like new in between races at the track and to Mikala for making sure Colton's equipment was ready to go. Also to Roy Rasmussen for the rental of his 360 motor for these last events.

Friday, September 12, 2008:

The weather was nice on Friday. Colton qualified the Triple X Race Co X 600 in the 5th spot (with 31 cars timing in). "With the newly designed Watts Link the car handled better than ever" said Colton. He started 3rd in his heat race and passed into 2nd place, where he finished. He started 3rd in the A-main, moving quickly into 2nd, but with no high groove in the track the best he could manage was a 2nd place finish. A good outing for Colton and the X car. This was Colton's last race at Deming this year and the X car has proved it's worth. And Colton has proved he has not lost his touch on this tough 1/6 mile oval. Colton would like to thank Triple X Race Co., Mike (Juicy), Mel Roberts and Jason Solwold for their efforts throughout this season.

Saturday, September 12, 2008:

Again the weather was very nice for Saturday's Season Championship at Skagit. Devin hot lapped the #22 Sportsman and felt confident for the A-main. He started 8th and finished 7th. He said "I have learned a lot this season. I only wish I knew at the beginning of the season what I know now". He did a fine job all year and is looking forward to 2009, maybe in a 360? He would like to thank his sponsors: Ken's Redmond Auto Body, Barnes Painting, Triple X Race Co, Ad-Fab Inc,  Sunkel Racing, and Colton Heath Motorsports. And his crew: Kelsey Huff, Big Al Tschider, Nick Anaya (who helped him alot with the cars maintenance between races), his father Rick Barnes, brother Marty Barnes, Tim Campbell, Chuck and Ric Robinson, Colton and Bill Heath

Colton had his hands full for Saturday's race program. He was 13 points behind Barry Martinez for the Outlaw 410 championship. Mikala made special T-shirts for Colton's fan club.  The night started with a 5 lap scramble. Starting 2nd Colton easily won the scramble to secure the #1 starting position for the main event. Leo had the car set up to perfection. As the green flag fell, Colton left the rest of the field behind and was off to a good lead. All looked great, Barry was running 3rd with Eric Fischer and Jason Solwold pushing hard to pass him. But on lap 20 Colton ran over something on the racetrack and going into turn one the right rear tire blew apart, ending the night and the Skagit Season for the Oudman Motorsports 7o. Officially, an 11th place finish. Colton and Roger ended up in 2nd place for the season (driver and owner points) with Barry crowned the champion. Congratulations to Barry Martinez and his team for their season. A very e xceptional performance was achieved by Colton, Leo and the 7o this season at Skagit

The year is not over yet! This week Roy Rasmussen's strong ASCS 360 engine,  with it we ran 2nd at the 360 Nationals this year (in the 7o), is being installed for the upcoming Fred Brownfield Memorial Race at Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma, WA. Then on to Yakima the following weekend for the season final ASCS race.

Belated Thanks to Missy Tschider (for cleaning Colton's driving suit several times during the year) and Shana Barnes for her help keeping the car looking good during the Outlaw Tour.

Monday, September 1, 2008:

Monday started out on a good note for the Oudman Motorsports 7o. Colton and Leo qualified the car in 11th position, with 47 cars timing in. This was only Colton's 2nd time on this track, 1st time this year. Starting 2nd in his heat race Colton was able to maintain that position and finish 2nd. This put him in the Trophy Dash, which sets the top 10 starting positions for the A-main. Colton drew a 4, his starting position for the Dash. They interview the driver's as they draw for the Trophy Dash and Colton thanked his crew and sponsors for his being there. He was among the best in Sprint Car Racing, along with his friend Jayme Barnes, and finished a respectable 5th. He started the A-main in 5th and finished 14th, with several "big name" drivers behind him. He was indeed an outlaw.

Thanks to Devin Barnes, Big Al, Taylor and her dad Ty Sunkel for their help in the pits at Elma.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008:

On to Cottage Grove Speedway. This would be Colton's 1st time on this track. The track was in much the same condition as Elma, wet and slick. Colton qualified 25th out of 36 cars. Colton started and finished 5th in his heat race. We were in the A-main a second night. Starting 25th in the A-main (due to slowest qualifying time) Colton finished 19th. A great night on a new track for Colton.

The weather was getting hotter.

Thursday, September 4, 2008:

After a day of travel, we arrived in Chico, California around 9:00 PM. Well, everyone but myself. We blew a tire on the motor home on the way to Elma and I figured I better replace it before going to California. So they left and I got a tire and followed them, about an hour behind. They watched the 360 show and met some old friends and fellow racers.

On Thursday, Colton qualified 38th out of 53 cars. Only his second time at Chico. He started 7th, which is where he finished. This put him in the C-main, starting 4th. He was passing for the 2nd place transfer spot when a lap car came from the infield, across the track, and Colton went off the track on the back-stretch. With only 2 laps to go, restarting in 13th, Colton made it to 7th running in the high groove. We didn't make the transfer. Preliminary night was over for the team. We took the car to Spath Transmission and cleaned it. The Spath family was again very generous to Colton and the Oudman Motorsports team, letting us use their shop, tools and equipment. Thanks to Ned and Jacob Spath for their hospitality. Friday we replace the exhaust headers (ours were cracked and falling apart), loaded the car and mule into the trailer and went to Friday's qualifying night.

Saturday, September 6, 2008:

It was hot in Chico, 109 degrees 120+ inside the trailer in the pits. Thanks to Sherene, Josh and Sean for letting the Oudman Motorsports team use the swimming pool and shower at their hotel during the 3 days we were there. The points had been tabulated Friday night and we sat 76th out of 107 cars. 12th in the E-main. Disappointing, but we were all confident we could move up through a few of the mains. Leo and the crew prepared the car and Colton was ready. Starting 5th, he moved up to 3rd by lap 3. He tried to get around the 2nd place car for the rest of the race, passing him way high on the track on the last lap, as they came out of turn 4. The crew and most of the fans cheered the pass but it was short lived. As he crossed the finish line something in the rear end let go and the car would not stay in gear. In the pits we took the rear cover off (no metal) so we disconnected the shifter and tried to push him off. But it kept popping out of engagement. We had transferred to the D-main but could not make it out. The week of Outlaw Racing was over. We thanked the officials for holding the race longer than normal as we tried to get the car on the track. They thanked us for putting on a good show for the fans. We all had a great time, 6 races in 8 days (4 in a row to start), and cannot wait until NEXT YEAR!!!

The Oudman Motorsports Team would like to thank all our sponsors for their support and efforts. Special thanks for this 7-day trip to Team Excavating, Inc, Dick's Towing and Smart Service for their contributions for fuel for the tow rigs and race car. Fuel costs kept a lot of teams from being able to compete in tours like this. Thanks again to everyone.

Next up is Championship Night at Skagit Speedway. Colton is 13 (13?) points behind Barry Martinez for the championship. We would like to invite everyone to be there if you can.

The following weekend we will be putting Roy Rasmussen's 360 in the 7o and competing in the 2-day Fred Brownfield Memorial Race at Grays Harbor Raceway (Elma). The 26 & 27th Colton will be racing the 360 again, this time in Yakima, at the fairgrounds, for the season final ASCS race.

Saturday, August 30, 2008:

Friday Nights racing at Skagit Speedway rained out. The World of Outlaw program was rescheduled for Saturday and Sunday Nights.

Saturday started out with decent weather and the crew, car and driver were prepared. Qualifying didn't go so well, leaving Colton 34th in a 42 car field. In the heat race he started and finished 9th. This had him on the outside of the front row, C-main. He finished 2nd and transferred to the back of the B-main. Starting 14th he drove his way to 7th. A very nice run but only the top 4 transfer to the A-main. The night was over, but everyone was optimistic for Sunday.

Sunday, August 31, 2008:

The crew cleaned the car at XXX Race Co. Saturday night. Leo, Big Al, Taylor Sunkel and myself serviced the car on Sunday and took it back to the track. Colton qualified 33rd in the 38 car field. He started and finished 9th in his heat race. This put him starting 3rd in the C-main. He was unable to mount a charge and finished 4th. Not what we expected, or are capable of, but we are on to Elma tonight for Monday's  World of Outlaw race. We are all confident for a better night. Hope to see some of you there.

Cottage Grove, Oregon is next (Tuesday night) then on to Chico, California for the Gold Cup on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

We would like to thank 2 of Colton's long time sponsors, Dick's Towing and Smart Service, for their contribution to this trip.

Also thanks to Juice Box, Devon, Nick, Big Al, Taylor, Taylor, and Michael for the help in the pits


Friday, August 22, 2008:

At Deming Speedway Colton timed in the Triple X Race Co. X 600 12th in a 29-car field. This put him on the outside of the front row, 4th heat race. Colton easily won the heat race but at the scales the car was 4 pounds light. Disqualified (DQ), which meant he had to start 4th in the B main. He finished 2nd and transferred to into the A main event. Starting 11th in the field he moved up to 9th but on lap 5 he made contact with the inside wall in turn 1and bent the left front wheel. Without air in the tire the car was hard to control, let alone race. He stopped on the track and was pushed into the pit area. We changed the left front tire but since they didn't allow enough time we did not make it back out, finishing last. A dissappointing night, but Colton is ready to try again in a few weeks.

Saturday, August 23, 2008:

Devin and his crew showed up with the #22 Sportsman ready for racing after a month of being a spectator. He lined up for his heat race 4th and finished a strong 3rd. He was then lined up on the front row, inside pole position, for the main event. The start was good and he ran 2nd for several laps before the car spun out. The right front wheel was damaged/flat and the crew did not get it changed in time to continue the race. But then there was a red flag and he was able to rejoin the field. He worked his way up to the 4th spot on the track but as he was a lap down to the field, he was scored 9th. But he had tried a couple of different settings on the car, so some good came from the night.

Devin would like to thank Tim Campbell, sponsor, and owner of Ken's Redmond Auto Body for his help and support in the pits Saturday night.

Saturday night started out for the Oudman Motorsports 7o with the car and Colton at the Banner Bank booth at the entrance to the grandstands. Colton and Josh DeWitt signed autograph cards and beverage holders for all the fans that dropped by. We then took the car into the pit area to prepare for the nights racing. On the 1st two attempts to start the car it didn't fire. We got that corrected and Colton qualified the car 2nd fast. This put us 4th in our heat race. He finished third. Starting 5th in the A main the car seemed to be struggling some but Colton was able to maintain his position. On lap 23 there was a caution and when slowing and moving down to avoid that car Colton and Barry Martinez made contact, spinning Colton and causing him to stop on the track. The track officals ruled since Colton stopped on the track he had to go to the back of the field on the restart. Starting ninth he was only able to finish 9th. With Barry's 3rd place finish, the Oudman Moto rspo rts 7o sits in 2nd place in the standings, 13 points behind. Not impossible to overcome, but it wil be difficult. You can be sure Colton and the 7o crew will give it everything we have on Championship Night, September 13th.

Oudman Motorsports would like to thank Dave Suppler for his help in the pits Saturday Night.

The next racing for the 7o wil be with the World of Outlaws west coast tour. !st race is Friday, August 29, then Saturday, August 30, at Skagit Speedway. Then on to Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma, for a Monday night race. Tuesday, September 2, we will be racing at Cottage Grove in Oregon. Wednesday is a travel day. We will be in Chico, California, for our Thursday Qualifying night at the 2008 Gold Cup. The Main events will be Saturday, September 6, and we hope to be a real contender in these events. If you can make it to one of these events you will be sure to see some great racing, from Colton and all the participants.I will try to keep everyone informed as best I can along the way.

Friday, August 15, 2008:

Friday afternoon the crew of the Triple X Race Co. X Car arrived at the track on time (2 weeks in a row) and had the car ready for packing and hot laps, both went well. Qualifying could have gone a little better. The car was too loose and Colton was 10th, in a 30-car field. But this did put him on the outside of the front row for his heat race. He proceeded to lead every lap and easily win the heat. With the qualifying, his starting position in the main event would be 5th row, outside. Running at the top of the track he passed his way to 3rd.  With heat of the night he was pretty exhausted after the race. All in all it was a decent night.

Saturday, August 16, 2008:

Kailee was back in action with her 1/4 midget. She drove to a 4th in the 1st heat, a 6th in the second heat and 6th in the main event. She really wants to move up to an older class and remove her restrictor plate. This could happen in her next event.

The sportsman class had no race this weekend so Devin had to sit out another one. I think it's been 4 weeks since he has had a chance to race. His is getting impatient.

The evening at Skagit started out with a bang. Colton qualified the Oudman Motorsports 7o 2nd fast, running his fastest lap yet this year. "Leo's engine is a real ripper", Colton said after qualifying. In the heat race Colton started 4th and on the second lap, passing for the lead into turn one, the bolt on the steering arm broke and the car drove itself into the turn one wall. Fortunately the car stayed on all 4 wheels and Colton came out with only a bruised shoulder. The car had a bent front axle, 2 bent radius rods in the front, one in the rear, the right rear wheel was badly bent and the watts link was damaged, the heim was broken off. The crew, along with help from  Mel Roberts, Mark Badock, Kelsey Carpenter, Lance Lopez, and Mike (Juice Box) Messer, rebuilt the car in the pits and readied for the Main event. Due to not finishing the heat race the track had us starting 16th in the 20-car field. In his usual fashion Colton immediately wen t to the top of the track an d started pas sing cars. Just after 1/2 way in the race he was lined up 3rd. He battled with the #18 car and lap traffic for the rest of the race. The driver and eventual winner of the race was his best friend Seth Bergman, driving the #18 of Mike Anderson. The Oudman Motorsports team wishes to congratulate Seth in his first 410 victory.

With the finish, all the cars Colton passed in the race (and a little bad luck for Barry) Colton is officially 1 point behind Barry in the point standings. With only 2 races left (this Saturday, August 23, and the Season Championship Race September 13) the battle is going to go right down to the wire. If you haven't been to the races this year or if you want to see the tightest points battle on the west coast,, you need to be at one of the last 2 races.

There is a video on u-tube at
 which follows Seth, but shows he and Colton racing for 3rd from about the 1/2 way point of the race. You can see how hard Colton worked to try and pass him.

We would like to thank James Sanford, 7o sponsor, and owner of Sanford Tire and Auto Repair, for stopping by our pit area prior to the race.


Friday, August 08, 2008:

The crew arrived at the track on time and ready to race. Hot laps went well, but we missed the setup for qualifying, and Colton qualified 8th in the 28 car field. This put him starting 3rd in his heat race. By the end of lap 1 he was in 1st place, making an awesome pass into turn 2 and going 3-wide into turn 3. From there it was clear sailing for the win. Mr. Lemley thought we were "too fast in the heat race" (it is a race isn't it?) and we had to remove our ignition control box for inspection, which was determined to be legal. Due to our qualifying, Colton started the A main in 8th. Moving to the top of the track in the corners he was able to advance to 2nd place. On the last re-start he made a great charge but could not get by the leader and finished 2nd. Not a bad ending to a decent night. Now if we can only get our good qualifying and fast racing on the same nights, Colton will be able to grab a victory before the season ends.

Saturday, August 09, 2008:

Rain, Skagit rained out for the night.

Colton and the crew of the Oudman Motorsports 7o will be ready for this weekends racing. Good weather is predicted and with a fresh 410 engine in the car we should have great success. The points battle with Barry Martinez is the teams focus for the rest of the season. WIth 3 races left it will be exciting. The team extends an inviation to all to come to the track and root the team and Colton on to victory. See yo at the races!

Friday, August 1, 2008:

Day one of the 2008 360 Nationals started for Colton and the Oudman Motorports 7o team with a fresh 360 engine, courtesy of Roy Rasmussen. Packing and hot laps went well and Colton proceeded to qualify the 7o 2nd fastest in a 48 car field. This put him starting fourth in the his heat race, but only  3-cars transfer to the A main event. On the start Colton made a very nice move going into turn one, coming out of turn 2 in the second position. He battled hard but finished 2nd. There is a video of this heat race at: which is the Skagit Valley Herald web site. Fun to watch.

With a full field inversion for the main event Colton was set to start 15th. On about lap 10 he made contact with the outside wall in turn 2. A few laps later he spun out in turn 2 and was hit by another car. With a flat left rear tire he proceeded to the pit work area and the crew changed the tire, but found the watts link on the rear axle to be bent. Colton went back out and when he took the green flag on the restart the drive shaft and torque tube both came out of the car and he rolled into the pits. The night was over for the 7o and crew. A sad end to a very positive night.  He was officially scored 18th, but later we found due of his great qualifying effort, and the heat race results, the 7o would be starting 13th in Saturday's A Main Event.

Saturday, August 2, 2008:

Saturday started about 9:00 am with a slight drizzle. Leo and I unloaded the car and the "Mule" and proceeded to look at the previous night's damage. The studs had pulled out of the rear end and we had no way tdrive-shaftthe front surface was flat or not. Roger came up with a new rear end and driveshaft and we started installing it, along with some normal maintenance on the car and engine. Roy stepped in and did all the engine maintenance and by 4:00 that afternoon the car was ready for the night's event.

Meanwhile during the late morning and afternoon Kailee was again racing her 1/4 midget. She finished her 1st heat in 4th position and her 2nd heat in 6th. In her main event she started 6th and finished a strong 4th. Way to go Kailee!

Devin and the 22 Sportsman did not race. But Devin came up both nights and was a big help on the 7o. Thanks Devin.

Colton started the main event in 13th and never stopped charging forward. With a late race pass, Colton secured the 2nd position, where he finished. 13th to 2nd with the quality of cars in the race is a real tribute to Coltons's driving ability (Leo's set up was also a big factor in the finish) .Due to the poor track conditions 22 cars started and only 10 finished. Just to have survived the sprint car carnage was a victory in itself. The crew of the Oudman Motorsports 7o would like to again thank Roy Rasmussen for his engine and help with the weekend's success. Also Thanks to Mike (Juicy), Michael and Big Al for their help keeping the car looking good all weekend.

I think this picture, courtesy of Pit Princess, tells it all. Race Winner Travis Rutz (Congratulations) and 2nd place Colton, at the podium before trophy presentations;



Friday, July 25, 2008:

On Friday night, with 28 600 Micro Sprints timing in, Colton qualified the Triple X Race Co. X 600 in the 3rd position. Starting 4th in his heat race he managed to finish 2nd and transfer to the A-Main. With the invert he would be starting 2nd, outside front row. The crew set the car up a little too loose for the track and on lap 4, while running 2nd, he collided with the turn one inside wall, bending the left front wheel, causing the tire to go flat. He came in the pits but the track gave us no time to change it, so we sat in the pits, finishing 15th. A disappointing night, but as always, we will regroup and return in a couple of weeks.

Saturday, July 26, 2008:

Kailee raced her 1/4 midget on Saturday afternoon, moving up a class. She started her 1st heat race 6th and finished 4th. In her 2nd heat race she started 3rd and finished 7th. There were nine cars in the main event, Kailee started 6th and finished 4th, moving ahead at the end of the race. All she wants to do is go faster and faster.

Devin and his crew had the 22b prepared and looking good for the nights racing. With the luck of the draw this time Devin started on the pole position for his heat race, easily winning, leading all 8 laps uncontested. He was so excited about his win he almost forgot to stop at the scales to weigh-in after the race. His first heat race victory this year. Due to the invert he started 3rd in the main event He ran most of the race in 3rd, but was trapped in lap traffic and finished 4th. Another respectable finish for Devin and his team

Saturday afternoon the Oudman Motorsports team and the 7o 410 arrived for another round at Skagit Speedway. Colton qualifed the car 8th out of 15 cars. Not what was expected but the consensus is the valve springs in the engine have worn out. Not something "fix-able" in the pits, we set the car as best as possible for the rest of the night. Starting 2nd in his heat race he finished 3rd. On to the main event. Starting 8th in the field Colton managed to finish a respectable 5th, again passing cars in traffic, but without the straightaway power, was not able to hold the positions for long.

The 410 engine will be going to Shark's for evaluation and repair. A fresh 360 motor is being installed this week for the 360 Nationals at Skagit. $10,000.00 to win! We will be ready


Thursday, July 17, 2008, Clay Cup:

Colton, Bill and "Juice Box" (Mike) arrived at the track at a normal time. The car, driver and crew were ready. We even had an official car detailer, Taylor Daugherty. With on-site support from Cal and Mark, owners of Triple X Race Co., the afternoon started well. While getting the car ready to "hot lap" we discovered it had no brakes. With no time to repair them we sent Colton out, hoping to get a feel for the track condition. When he came back in a new master cylinder was installed and the brakes were now good. But with no real practice, and no time, the set-up was off and Colton could only qualify the car 23rd. He started and finished 5th in his heat race (poor track, no passing). Starting 5th in the "B" main Colton raced to 2nd position and he transferred to the "A" main. Starting last (18th) Colton managed to finish a respectable 8th. Not what we had expected, but a decent recovery from earlier that day.

Friday started out much better. 38 cars timed in and Colton qualified 4th. This gave us the 4th starting position in our heat race. He was able to reach 2nd place, which put us into the "A" main event, starting 16th (there was a full field invert, fastest qualifier starts 14th). But we never left the pits. The chain broke as he started out. We were able to get the chain fixed, but on his second attempt to start the left rear helm joint broke and the X 600 was done for the night. Everyone was dissapointed. But the team would like to thank all who helped to get the chain back on (there were so many people at the car I can't begin to tell who was there, but all deserve a THANK YOU). By not running the main event Colton was now 16th in the point standings, which meant a 4th place start, in the "B" main, in the final night's racing on Saturday.

Saturday started with more maintenance and checking of the car. Hot laps went well and Colton lined up 4th in the 25 lap "B" main. He finished 2nd, transferring into the night's Main Event. Starting 14th he moved through the field, racing to as high as 5th place. But every time he tried to pass on the outside there was just not enough grip to the track surface and several cars would pass him back. Mark said "he probably passed 30 cars", but some were the same ones over again. By lap 26 Colton had worked his way up into 3rd position. On the restart he passed for second and almost passed the leader into turn one, but a spin in the back of the pack nullified his "move". On the next re-start Mr. Lemley, track owner, decided there had been too many spin-outs so he changed the format to single file. This took Colton's "outside" advantage away and the front 3 ran single file for the rest of the 40 laps. Colton and the X 600 had raced from 4th in the 'B" main to 3rd in the "A" Feature. 65 laps, officially passing 13 cars. The car passed technical inspection after the race and Colton was awarded the trophy and check for the teams efforts. But there is always next year.

Thank You also to everyone who was there to root Colton and the X 600 on in his racing efforts. Your support is needed and greatly appreciated..


Saturday, July 12, 2008:

Kailee and her 1/4 midget did not race last night. Colton did not the race the X 600 (was Deming's Mid-season Championship) either.

Saturday the weather was great. Devin had the #22 Sportsman ready to go (All the lettering, striping, and mechanicals). With the Mid-Season format he started 6th. The track was very hooked-up (tacky) and unfortunately was mostly follow the leader. He finished 5th.

Colton's race went pretty much the same way. Due to Aaron Fell's misfortune he started 2nd in the scramble, which set him up to start 2nd in the main event. Starting on the outside of the front row Colton followed Barry Martinez for 25 laps. He made a nice pass in traffic for the lead on lap 10, but it was called back due to a car spinning in turn 4. After the night Colton and the Oudman Motorsports 7o are sitting in 2nd place in championship points, 27 points behind the leader. We have been in this position before and, with 5 or so races left in the season, should be able to re-take the lead.

Skagit Speedway is closed this weekend, but Colton will be racing the Triple X Race Co 600, #X at Clay Cup, at Deming Speedway, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (biggest race on the west coast for 600's). He has the car ready to go and we all are expecting to do very well, as we have a great car, awesome motor, and the best 600 driver out there. Hope to see you there.


Friday, July 5, 2008:

The day started early. Up to Alan's to help finish cleaning the car and getting ready for the Sedro- Wooley Parade. We followed Ginger and TJ's (Owners of Gen-X Signs & Banners) pickup through downtown and onto Ferry Street, right by Roger & Nian's house. Turned out Great.

Then on to XXX to finish assembly of the 600. Bill, Colton & Alan Oudman trashed on the car and loaded it for the track. We arrived late, no packing, no practice. "Out of the Box" Colton qualifed the car 8th in a 25-car field. Started 3rd in his heat race and finished 3rd. WIth a 3 car transfer we were in the "A" main, where Colton started 5th, due to the invert. He worked his way through the field, recording the fasted lap of the race on lap 20, to finsih 2nd, closing fast on the leader. Everyone was pleased with Colton's & the X 600's performance. In attendance was Mark Badock, co-owner of Triple X Race Co., his 1st chance this year to see the car run.

Saturday. July 5, 2008:

Saturday started great, Kailee won both her heat races and recorded her 2nd victory of the year. Rumor has it she will be moving up to the next class for the next race. She is really improving fast!

Then Rain. That's all there was that evening. Rain, Mud, Rain and more Mud.

Next is the rescheduled Mid-Season Championships at Skagit, for both Devin and Colton (good Luck guys). The 600 will not be out due to Deming's mid season race, but is being prepared for the upcoming annual Clay Cup and a chance for Colton to change his luck at the biggest 600 race in the Northwest. 3 days. Hope to see you all there.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008:

Wednesday Night was the Dirt Cup Party at Haggens in Burlington. Allan had the car shined up and ready for display. Colton was invited onto the stage and was interviewed about the upcoming race. He also had a discussion with Steve Beitler about wearing shoes and gloves when on the track, so all went well.

Thursday, June 19, 2008:

Opening night of the 2008 Dirt Cup. Leo and Colton qualified the 7o in the 21st position, with 54 cars timing in. We had all hoped for better but knew we could race and improve our position for the night. In the heat race he started 5th and finished 6th, putting us in the B Main. Colton started and finished in the 7th position, the last transfer spot into the A Main. Starting in the 24th spot Colton was able to advance to 19th. The team was happy with making the A Main, but would like to have been in a better position than 21st in points. Knowing they "seed" the top 16 for Saturday's A Main the team knew they had some work to do for Friday night.

Friday, June 20, 2008:

After completing all the maintenance and making a few set-up changes the 7o was ready for Night 2. The track was faster but Colton could only mange the 25th spot. Disappointed, the crew made more adjustments for the heat race. Starting in the 4th spot he managed to finish 2nd, locking the 7o into the A Main,pole position.Colton finished the A Main in 4th. A great improvement from the previous evening and later the team learned that nights racing put us into Saturday's A Main Event, as we moved up to 14th in points and would be starting 14th.

Saturday, June 21, 2008:

Saturday morning started bright and early. Our graffics sponsor, GEN-X Signs & Banners, asked to have the car in the Burlington parade this morning. So Allan was up at 5:30 and along with his 2 sons, Ashton & Brayden had the car almost completely ready when Ric Robinson and I showed up to help. We towed the car along the route with my truck (everyone in the bed, Colton steering the car) and all had a good time handing out Wired Energy drinks and Colton's "Track Hero" cards to the parade watchers (we had the parade stopped a couple of times, surrounded by fans). Then over to the track after a brief stop at Allan's for some parts not needed for a parade but essential for racing.

Packing and "Hot Laps" went well and Leo readied the car for the main. Starting in 14th Colton worked his way to the 7th position by lap 26. But on the re-start Colton had to drive lower on the track than the car was set-up for and he spun out in turn 2. He said,"while sitting there I counted the cars as they went by, hoping not to be run into". But the 6th car by collided with the left front of the car and our night was over. Officially 18th. We had all wished for a better finish but as Allan said, " we shouldn't be doing this if we can't take the bad with the good".

There is no 410 racing this coming weekend and due to the damage to the 7o, Leo will be switching the car over to the new frame waiting in Allan's garage and we will all move forward.

Special Thanks to: Ric Robinson, Mike (Juice Box), and Devin Barnes for their help this weekend. A true team effort. Nian Oudman was also in our pit.


Friday, June 13, 2008:

Colton started the night out with another 2nd fast time. (10.464). The crew made a few adjustments and sent him out in the second heat race where he started 4th. After a great battle between Colton, Spud and Jake he managed to finish 3rd. We made several small adjustments and he started the A main in the 3rd position. On the 3rd lap, battling with long time rival Ben Hogarth, Colton made a pass into turn one and Ben came down on him and the contact ended both their nights. The car has a lot of damage to the front end but Colton says he can fix it and we will be back out again on June 27th.

Saturday, June 14, 2008:

Devin started the night with the hood repaired from last week and a new nose wing. He started 8th in his heat race and finished 7th. He started the main event in 5th position. He pushed the car harder then he has before but due to a brake rotor failure wasn't able to finish the race and was scored in the 11th position.

Colton and Leo decided it was time to experiment with different chassis setups but this plan back fired and Colton timed in 22nd in a 30 car field. They then tried a different setup for the heat race. Colton started 6th and finished 6th. We then switched the set up again for the B main where he started in the 6th position. He quickly moved into 3rd. He raced with the second place car until lap 5 when they made contact coming out of turn 2, ending both their nights. Definately not the teams best results but a lot was learned and what does not work with this car, driver and crew chief combination. The Oudman Motorsports team and the 7o are looking forward to the upcoming 3 day Dirt Cup race this weekend and plan to be contenders for the $25,000 purse. See you at the races!


June 6, 2008:The XXX 600 made it's real debut Friday night. Colton qualified the car 2nd fastest which put him 4th in the 2nd heat race. He finished in 2nd place. With a 4 car invert Colton started inside the 2nd row. He lost the battle into turn one and was fourth after the 1st lap. Due to the new single file restart rule at Deming he was unable to use his quick starts to move up any further and finished 4th. The crew (Mel, Jason, Mike and myself) were very pleased with this outing and we are all looking forward to next weekend.

June 7, 2008:

Kailee's Quarter Midget race was rained out. She is waiting impatiently for he chance to return to the clay at Skagit.

Devin had a decent night; he started 5th in his heat race and in normal Skagit fashion played follow the leader for 8 laps and finished 5th. This put him in the 8th position (inside 4th row) for the A Main event. During the race, after contact with another car and losing his nose wing, Devin was able to finish 9th. Devin would like to thank his crew for coming out each week and helping with the car. (Big Al, Nick, his brother  Marty and his Dad, Rick).

Colton and his crew had the 7o ready to go. Unfortunately he was only able to qualify 13th. This put him starting 5th in his heat race. But he quickly moved up to second position and finished 2nd. His qualifying gave him the 12th position (6th row outside) for the main event. As he always does Colton started moving forward. But the track was drier than anticipated, making forward progress difficult. Colton managed to work his way up and finished 7th. Respectable, but the team always wants more and will be back next week ready to do "battle" again.

Oudman Motorsports would like to thank Norcal Performance Shocks in Chico, CA, for their sponsorship and support..

Saturday, May 31, 2008:

Kailee did not race this weekend but she will be ready this coming weekend.

The XXX 600 got it's new motor but one of the crew had difficulties getting it to run. On Saturday that crew member (me) did get it running and it should be out competing at Deming Speedway next Friday night.

Devin had the 22 ready to go for Saturday; he drew a high number. He started 4th and finished 4th in his heat race.In the main event he started 6th and finished 5th. He is running faster and with more confidence every weekend. He passed cars in the main and is looking very good.

Colton had his worst qualifing session this year; he timed in 11th in the 21 car field. But this put him on the pole for his heat race and after having to restart the race 3 times Colton got a nice jump and led the entire race. And it only got better. For the main event Leo gave a lot of thought to the set up. It was drizzling, then clear, then drizzle. He finally settle on what he and Colton felt would be good for the conditions and the 11th place starting position. On lap 3 he moved into 10th. On lap 9 he was 8th and then after several attempts to get the race back underway, Colton had moved into 3rd by lap 10. On lap 22 the 2nd place car ran out of fuel and slowed. Colton passed for 2nd, but the car was "sputtering" in the corners as he was low on fuel as well. The the leader collided with a lap car and Colton inherited the lead. During the red flag the crew was able to get fuel in the car and on the restart Colton took off and won the race. They said the race lasted for almost and hour and a reported 89 laps. Colton was able to use the many restarts and his driving ability to move from 11th to 1st. A very nice victory and his second this season. Record: 2 WINS, 1 Second, 1 6th and 1 8th place finishes.  Colton was able to thank all the team sponsors during the afterrace victory. A GREAT NIGHT FOR THE OUDMAN MOTORSPORTS TEAM AND ALL THEIR SPONSORS.

Last week I left out one of our sponsors that helped get the engine repaired and back out last week. Right Way Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning. My apoligies for the error. Thank you from all the team.

Don't forget Dirt Cup at Skagit Speedway, June 19, 20 and 21st.

IT'S OFFICAL: Colton Heath and the Oudman Motorsports 7o Outlaw 410 are the point leaders at Skagit Speedway.

If you get a chance look at and there is a picture and a couple of nice atricles about Colton.

Saturday, May 24

Kailee was back the track Saturday afternoon. She ran 2nd in both her heat races and due to a late race lineup snafu, finished 3rd in her main event. She is becoming more and more comfortable in her car and will be back at he next race in 2 weeks.



The night started well for Devin. Hot laps was good. Devin drew a good number and started 3rd in his heat race. He was doing well but lost it coming out of turn 4 and ended up spinning the car out. He continued on and finished 6th. While in the pits looking the car over we discovered damage to the oil pan, It was leaking from a seam. The team concluded it was in the best interest of the car to not race the main event. Devin did take the green flag and pulled in after 2 laps (so he got starting money). He started 14th and finished 11th (there was a crash on the initial green and 3 car were eliminated). After Shark replaces the oil pan Devin will return Saturday to do battle again. It is really had for a driver to sit out a race and Devin is to be commended for his decision.


Colton had another good night. First off we all want to thank Case Marine & Industrial and Sanford Tire and Auto Repair for some much needed financial assistance and Shark Racing Engines for completing the repairs in time for the 7o to race on Saturday. Colton qualified 5th, and won his heat race from the outside pole position, leading every lap. This set up the main event. With a 4 car invert Colton started 5th. On the second restart he dropped back to 7th and started moving thru the field. He and his friend Josh DeWitt battled back and forth for the 2nd position. Colton ended up in 2nd trying very hard to catch the leader, Barry Martinez. It was the opposite of last week when Barry was chasing Colton at he end. The team was satisfied with the finish and the engine is still together. There was some damage again to the car from the track surface and the team hopes the track surface will be better next week. Around lap 15 or so Colton made a hard charge into turn 3 and when he exited turn 4 the car did a terrific wheel stand. We all held our breath but Colton was able to set the car back down and continue on without incident. We all look forward to next week and the upcoming Dirt Cup in June.

Colton was interviewed on the Northsound Racing Radio show Thursday evening. If you missed it they usually archive their shows on, so you may be able to hear it in about a week or so. He was also interviewed by Radio 660 AM on Saturday but I am not sure of an air date.

The 600 did not run this weekend. We are waiting for a engine. Hopefully next weekend.

Congratulations to both Seth Bergman (Sunday's Elma Winner) and Jamie Barnes (Saturday's Elma Winner) for their victories this weekend.


Friday, May 16, 2008:

The team arrived at the track on time, just after packing. Hot laps seemed to go well. Due to a problem with the transmission Colton qualified 22nd. After a short discussion the team decided to call it a night and try again next week. A new engine has been ordered and should arrive this week. If all goes well Colton should be at Deming Friday night ready to race.

I am using last weeks picture again as I did not acknowledge the photographer, Starla Lorentzen, from West Coast Dirt Racing. Starla's son Britton also races a 600 at Deming and is doing very well. Thank you Starla.


Saturday, May 17, 2008:

Saturday was hot and sunny. Devin and crew showed up ready to race. During the "pill draw" it was decided by the track officals that Devin would be allowed to remove his rookie flags and start where he drew. Devin stared last in his heat and finished a strong 2nd. In the A main he started fourth and finished 4th. A really good showing for a talented driver. It will only get better.

The Oudman Motorsports team had the 7o ready to go but the track was not as ready. All the classes had slow qualifying times. Colton qualifed in the 3rd position. He started 3rd in his heat race and finished 3rd. With a 6 car invert for the main event, Colton started 4th. He had an awesome start and after lap 5 he went into the lead out of turn 2. Colton lead the remainder for the race, with a late challenge from Barry Martinez. Colton now has his first 410 main event win. The crew and friends could not have been happier and we all know this will not be his last visit to the winner's circle with this team. Colton wants to thank Leo for a great car and of course Roger and Nian Oudman for the "best seat in the house". Also a thank you to his crew, Alan Oudman and his dad. This is just the beginning.

On a sad note, the radiator suffered terminal damage due to the rough track surface and there was also damage to the motor. It is out of the car and at Shark being diagnosed and repaired. The team is hopeful to have the car back on the track by Saturday.

Saturday, May 10, 2008:

Kailee has the distinction of being the only race winner this weekend. While running 2nd in the first heat she was spun out from contact with another car and finished 4th. In her second heat, her car slowed, while leading on the last lap, and she finished 2nd. In the main event she was in the right place at the right time. While she was runiing 2nd, the leader spun, and she won the race. Her 1st WIN in 2008! Way to go Kailee!!

 Devin had a good night. His driving is improving as he gains more convidence in the car and gets more "seat time". He started his heat race in 6th position and finished 6th. In his main event he started in the 9th position and moved through the field to as high as 6th place. On the next to last lap, after making contact with the 77 car, Devin ended his night facing the wrong way at the start/finish line. But he drove with more confidence and improved his handling of the 22 Sportsman and is more than ready to race again next week.

 Colton's night started with a late arrival. But  went well and the Oudman Motorsports 7o qualified   5th out of 20 cars. This put Colton starting 3rd in the second heat. He finished 4th. Then during the 360 main event the drizzle started. It was raining when the green flag fell on the 410 main event. Colton started 5th and was running 6th on the slick, wet surface. There was a caution flag on lap 13 and as the rain fell the officals called the race. Offical finish: 6th. Sounds like the weather for next weekend will be better, the 7o and crew will be ready.

Colton Heath Motorsports would like to thank Brian from H2H Photo for the excellent pictures he has provided for this release.Also Alan Howard from ADHConsulting for getting our information onto the website as quickly as I can get it to him. Thanks, guys.

We all also wish  Sportsman racer Kelleigh Johnson a speedy and easy recovery


Friday, May 9, 2008:


Friday was the debut of the Triple X Race Co. 600. The team  worked late intoThursday night and all day Friday to get the car completed and ready for the race on Friday night. We made it to the track in time for hot laps. The car was a little off the pace and Colton timed in 17th as the engine was only running on 3 cylinders. Also, for the only time I can remember, Colton  weighed in "LIGHT" and his time was disqualified. Some work on the carbs and some weight added to the car and Colton lined up last for the heat race. Mechanical woes caused Colton to come in after 6 laps. The car did not make the the call for the B main. There was always a crowd around the car in the pits and  it showed promise to be a contender in the future.  


Saturday, April 26:

Started out sunny and warm. Colton & Bill arrived at the track around 11:00 am to help Leo and Kailee with her debut in her 1/4 midget. We arrived just after hot laps and the car was covered in mud. Colton, Leo, Bill and Travis Rutz cleaned it up and she prepared for the heat. Unfortunately something plugged the carb and the car would not stay running (she was leading at the time). Nice job Kailee!

Devin Barnes' debut was also very positive. He struggled a bit in his heat race but really came back in the main event. He started 17th and finished a respectable 11th. Devin and his crew, his family & friends, were all excited with his run. Way to go Devin!

Leo Voigt and the Oudmans had the 7o ready for the day. Hot laps went well and Colton was able to qualify 4th (out of 19) with a 11.819,  the fastest Colton has ran at Skagit. With Skagit's new one lap qualifying there are no second chances to do better.

Colton started his heat 3rd. The car ran very well ("this motor is a brute") and as Colton was catching the leaders smoke came out the breather and he backed off slightly and finished 3rd. Engine builder Mark Huson said this was normal and all was well with the motor. So the crew prepared for Colton's 1st main in the 7o. Due to his qualifying run and the invert he was on the pole with Jason Solwold on the outside, his best friend Seth Bergman in 3rd behind him and fast qualifier Travis Rutz in 4th. We knew we had our hands full.

On the start Colton left the pack behind and lead the first 4 laps. Then he came up on lap traffic in turn one. Colton closed on them so fast that when he lifted "the car slid up into a hole, turned to the right, and spun out to the left". Yellow flag. Colton to the back of the pack. On the restart Colton's charge back to the front started. He managed to finish 8th. We needed another caution to bunch the cars back up. But the car owner's, crew chief, and of course his dad were more than proud of the way he handled the situation and the way he handled the car. It was a GREAT charge back.

Colton would like to thank all his sponsors, the Oudman Familys, and crew chief Leo Voigt. Colton said "this is the best set up car he has ever driven", a real compliment to Leo, as his set up was dead on.

Look out for the 7o next week. The winner's circle is NEXT!



2007 Season

Silver Dollar Speedway - Chico California - September 6-8, 2007

Colton Heath - #13c 410 Sprint

Colton raced in the 2007 Gold Cup Tournament of Champions at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, California.  This is the biggest 410 Sprint Car race on the West coast.  The car count for both nights of qualifying was 103.  Colton choose to qualify on Thursday night, guessing at the set up, he qualified 33rd out of 47 cars. 

Colton finished 11th in his heat race of 16 cars.

Talking with Jacob Spath, owner of NorCal Sprint Car Parts, Colton and Bill made some changes to the car for the Main event.  On Thursday night there was a C, B and A Main.  Colton made the B main, he started 13th and finished 12th. 

After cleaning the car at the track on Friday, they were invited to take the #13c car to the Jacob's shop to service and repair a damaged header.  Colton and Bill would like to thank Jacob, his brother Tyler, and their parents - Ned and Lisa for their hospitality and friendship.  They replaced the header, serviced the car, and left the car at the shop for the night and went to the track to watch Friday night's qualifying.  After watching the racing on Friday night, and talking with Jacob, they came up with a plan for Saturday night's race.

Saturday morning's posting showed Colton was 68th out of the 103 cars, and would be starting 13th in the "D" Main.  Colton ran the top, bottom and middle of the track to bring the 13c to a 6th place finish.  Bill says  "We can't wait to go down there again and see what we can do!"  AGAIN, they would like to thank the Spath family for their generosity.

Colton was 1 of 3 drivers from the Northwest to participate in this event.

Thank you to our sponsors:  ADH Consulting, Advanced Sprint & Truck Parts, Bell Racing, Dick's Towing, Evergreen Speedway, GW Auto Rebuild, H2H, Jay's Automotive, My-CAD Co., Powder Coating Inc., Ruston Inn, Sandblasters, Smart Service, Triple XXX Race Co., Vinyl by Marie.


Skagit Speedway - Saturday, September 1, 2007

Colton Heath - #13c 410 Sprint

Season Championship Night - Colton's best run of the season!!!!

On Season Championship night the cars are lined up in Drivers Points order.  Colton ran less than half the season in the 410 class and is 10th in points.  The 9th place driver was not there, so Colton started the A-main in the 9th position.  On the initial green flag, Colton passed 4 cars to be in 5th place.  Colton and the #13c were VERY FAST, he worked the 4th place car making a great inside pass in corner 3.  On lap 16 while closing in on the 3rd place driver, Colton spun out.  Colton noticed the temp was near 240 and decided not to re-fire the engine and the night was over.  Official finish was 9th. 

I had the opportunity to do the pit reporting for Skagit Speedway last Saturday, so I was in the pits (hope you are feeling better Kaleb).  I have to share, Colton BIG SMILE while being pushed to his pit was HUGE, as big as if he had won.  Everyone was happy with the car, and especially Colton's driving on the track.

Thank you to Devin, Kelsey, Mike, Big Al, and Josh.


Grays Harbor Raceway, Elma - Monday, August 27, 2007

Qualified - 31st

Heat race - Finished 10th (pulled to infield on lap 5)

B-Main - Finished 13th

Colton felt something on the start, and he knew there wasn't the power the motor should have had, he ran on 7 cylinders until the 9th lap when he was done. #2 spark plug wire came off.

Colton said the track was WIDE, and very fast.  You could race on the top or the bottom.  Special thanks to all that help on Monday.  Devin, Shane, Devin (there were 2), josh, Cal, the Kentech team for the loan of the rear end, Big Al, Mykala, BJ, Steve, Dan and all the others who helped clean the car after the 1st packing session (the #13c looked awesome for the 2nd packing)!

With an A, B and C Mains at each of these races, Colton making the B-Main for 2 of them, and an A-Main showing was a great weekend!


Skagit Speedway - Saturday, August 25, 2007

Qualified - 32nd

Heat Race - Finished 5th (top 5 in the heat race transfer to the A Main)

 Racing the A-main (huge accomplishment)

A-MAIN - Finished 23rd

If you've been to, or watched on TV a World of Outlaws A-main feature, you'll see a 4 a-breast line up for the crowd of the Top 24 cars, it's very impressive and one of a kind.  Being part of this is something to be very proud of.  Colton was 1 of 4 local drivers to make the A-main.  

Colton broke a watts link on the start and handled the car the best he could until lap 9, when he was done for the night. 

Thank you to the crew who help make the night "a night to remember":  Devin, Hodie, Devin Fischer and Wil.


Skagit Speedway - Friday, August 24, 2007

Qualified 36th out of 44 Sprints

Heat Race - Finished 8th

B-Main - Finish 10th

Colton was 1 of about 10 local drivers joining the field of the best sprint car drivers in the world.  Skagit provide a great track for the 2 night show, with the stands packed, the crowds were treated to some great racing action. Colton qualified for the B-Main, where he raced with some of the best to a 10th place finish. 

Thank you to the crew - Devin, Hodie and Josh.


Skagit Speedway - Saturday, August 18, 2007

Colton Heath - #13c 410 Sprint

 Qualified 11th

 Heat Race - 6th place finish - battled with Barry Martinez who finished 5th

 A-main - The roll of the dice - drew a straight up line up.  Starting in the 9th position, he ran a great race.  Once again he battled back and forth with Barry, who is last years champion, and is 2nd in points this year, a great driver, and someone Colton has a lot respect for.  This time Colton came out in front, and finished the race in 6th Place. 

 Thank you to Devin, Kelsey, Hodie and Josh for their help.


Skagit Speedway - Saturday, August 11, 2007

Colton Heath - #13c 410 Sprint

Another great run for Colton at Skagit Speedway last Saturday night.  With great weather and track, and a new Triple XXX Race Co Chassis, the race team had the #13c ready and set up for Colton to drive to a Top 5 Finish in the A Main.

The week prior, Colton, who was having his best run of the season - was involved in a crash in corner 1, hitting the wall and flipping - landing on all 4 wheels.  Colton was ready to pick up where he left off last week.  Crew Chief (Dad) Bill wants to thank all of the people who helped get the car back together, special thanks to Devin for the extra hours he put in to get it done! 

Qualified 7th out of 13 410's.

Heat Race:   WON!!!  Lead with no pressure all 10 laps.

A-Main - Finished 5th

Roll of the dice prior to the mains came up with a 0 - which means the A-main is lined straight up - Fastest car on the poll.  During the race, Colton made it up to 3rd place, driving the high line - almost to the wall (which is usually the fastest way around the track when there is a cushion, no cushion this week), he lost 2 positions, changing his line on the track - finished with a strong 5th place finish.

 Big thanks to the crew who helped in the Pits:  Devin, Hodie, Jake, Donny and Elise.

 This Saturday is Banner Bank Night at Skagit Speedway, the final regular season point night for the 2007 season.  Colton discovered a problem in the rear end of the car this week, and he and the crew are working to get put together for this Saturday night's race. 

 Exciting racing coming up, he would like to find his first win in the 410 before the season is complete, which is on September 1st - Season Championship.  He is also planning on running with the World of Outlaws when they come to the Northwest, at Skagit Speedway on August 24th and 25th and at Grays Harbor Raceway on August 27th.  Colton hopes to compete in the Gold Cup, representing our great sponsors from the Northwest at Chico, California on September 8th.


Skagit Speedway - August 4, 2007

 Colton Heath - #13c 410 Sprint

 The weather was perfect, the track was right, and Colton had his best run this year!

 Colton qualified 6th out of 19 cars, his best time this year in the 410 class.

 Colton in the #13c ran 8 perfect laps on the track to take the checkered flag first, and win the Heat race.

A-Main - The invert was 4, so Colton was to line up 6th, 3rd row - outside.  When pushed onto the track to line up for the start, the car popped out of gear and came to a stop in corner 3.  Colton was instructed to start last, he questioned the call, and found out (new lesson learned) that each car only gets 1 push for the line up. 

(Mom's observation:  The sport of racing is always about learning something; either about the car and setup, the track surface, or about yourself as a driver, and your own abilities.  And with each lesson - we get better).

So starting in the last position - 19th, the green flag came out.  Colton did an awesome job of handling the 410 sprint from the 19th position to the 5th spot in 9 laps when a yellow came out. With the start of the race again, going into corner 1, Colton's left front tire came in contact with another car's right rear, which took him airborne into the wall straight on, flipping and coming down on all 4 wheels, then coming to a stop.  I think this was probably the worst wreck he's been in - "Knock on wood", a bit sore and and bruised - Colton walked away okay. 

5 days later, he's excited to pick up where he left off.  The motor, car and driver last week were "hooked" up, the crew's been great - we couldn't have done it with out all their help.  Thanks to Devin, Kelsey, Hodie, Kristen, Donny and Alise.  Josh too!

Bill, Colton and Devin have been working on getting the car ready for this Saturday night's race.  Thank you to My-CAD Co. for getting the vinyl for the new wing!  The weather man is going to give us 75 degrees for Saturday, and Colton is going to give us a great race on Saturday Night.  Hope to see you all at Skagit Speedway!

Thank to our Sponsors, you are really part of the team!

ADH Consulting, Advanced Sprint & Truck Parts, Bell Racing, Dick's Towing, Evergreen Speedway-Washington 500, GW Auto Rebuild, Jay's Automotive, My-CAD Co., Powder Coatings Inc., Rustin Inn, Sandblasters, Smart Service, Vinyl by Marie, Triple XXX Race Co.


Saturday, July 7th, 2007 - Skagit Speedway

Colton Heath - #13c 410

Mid Season Championship

On Mid Season Championship night, the drivers are line up by Car Owners points earned up to this date.  There isn't any qualifying, or Heat Races, just the mains, then the giant fireworks performance. Colton started the season in the 360 Class, and then moved to the 410 Class, his starting position for the night was 11th. 

A-main, Colton raced a good solid race, and finished 8th.

Thanks for all the hard work by Devin, Kelsey, Mike and Hodie!

Saturday, June 30th, 2007 - Skagit Speedway

Colton Heath - #13c 410

 Last Saturday Colton raced in the 410 class with a New motor provided by Cal Herdson - THANK YOU Cal!!!

 Qualified:  7th Place

Heat Race:  WON

 A-Main:  Finished 5th

Excitement with a new "Shark built" motor in his car, Colton and crew headed to Skagit Speedway.  Weather and crowd was great, but the track was different - not much room for passing, making it a challenge for all drivers.

 Thank you to Devin, Kelsey, Hodie and Big Al for their help in the pits.  Also special thanks to Kathie Chong for the use of her video camera so that I can film Colton's races each week.

 Mid Season Championship this weekend at Skagit, one of their biggest night's for a crowd, races will be by points earned this season, with scramble races, and a huge Fireworks show at the end of the night.  The weather is looking good, and Colton is ready to RACE! 

 Thank you to Marie of My-CAD Co. for getting all the vinyl done for the new Top and Front Wings.


Saturday, June 16th, 2007 - Skagit Speedway

#13c - 410 Sprint Car

Huge crowd, with threatening clouds and rain at times, everyone was anxious for the final night of the 2007 Jim Raper Memorial Dirt Cup to start.  And it did, with good track conditions, and nearly 50 cars ready to compete for the $25,000 to the winner at Skagit Speedway.

Colton and crew want to thank all who helped over the 3 days at the track, in the pits, and those who came to cheer for him in the grandstands. 

Going into the Saturday night program with an accumulative total points from Thursday and Friday, he prepared for the B-Main event.  Starting in the 15th position, he was able to avoid some crazy spins and flips in this 20 lap main.  Finishing 10th - 2 positions from a transfer to the A-main, Colton did a great job.

 We couldn't have done it with the help of Devin, Mike, Kelsey, Don, and Barry Martinez and his crew-THANK YOU!!!!!

Friday, June 15th, 2007 - Skagit Speedway

#13c - 410 Sprint Car

Even a bigger crowd last night to see the almost 50 car field of Sprint cars compete on the well prepared Super Dirt Speedway of this prestigious race event at Skagit Speedway.

Colton did an awesome job last night finishing 3rd in his heat race.  His starts were right on each time.  Again, like last night, many crews will be up all night fixing cars and motors for tonight's event.  The wrecks were bad, Colton did a fine job avoiding and staying out of trouble.

Colton started on the pole in the A-main, this 30 lap race had a couple starts due to red flags for incidents of cars flipping during the first lap.  With each start, Colton did a great job, it was when he went into corner 3, racing for second place, that he hit a hole, the car starting "hopping" and his car went down on the right side, spun, uprighted, and then tipped over on his left side.  Colton is fine, damage to the car:  Front aisle, right side radius rods, left nerf, and some minor wing damage.

There are so many thank you's to be given out to so many who were really helping get Colton and the Car ready last night.  Special thanks goes to the hard working Devin, Mike, Kelsey, Don, Nick, Dave, and Cameron.  Big thank you to Barry Martinez for all that he and his crew do for Colton. 

I just checked in with Bill - they are working on the car right now - again a big group giving of their time to help Colton get set up for tonight.  He's 31st in points after the 2 nights of racing.  He'll be in the B-Main tonight, 8 cars move up to the A-main, with a purse of $25,000.00 to the winner.  Bill said "their goal was to be in the B-Main" so I guess the goal was met, but knowing Colton, his heart and foot, will be wanting to get to the A-main.

Weather at Skagit right now is good - all plans are to be racing at 7:30.  Expect a packed house, great racing, and a fun time!  If for some reason the rains happen tonight - the schedule is to starting racing on Sunday at 1:30.

Thank you to those who came out to cheer Colton on last night, it's very much appreciated by everyone. 


Thursday, June 14th, 2007 - Skagit Speedway

#13c - 410 Sprint Car

The first night of the Jim Raper Memorial Dirt Cup is over.  Very tricky track, huge crowd, and good weather.  Colton's first qualifying lap brought him in with a wheel packed with mud.  He was able to get his second lap in after the almost 50 field of cars qualified.

Heat race #4 - Colton started fifth row outside, on lap 3 going into corner 1, his right front wheel hooked the cushion and sent him into the wall flipping a couple times.   He was fine, saying he wanted to steer it back to the pits - Damage to report:  Top and front wings, right nerf and rear bumper. 

With the loan of a top wing from Barry Martinez, and a purchase of a new front wing, the car was ready for the C Main.  Starting on the inside of the 3rd row, Colton had a good start.  C-Main moves the top two cars to the B Main.  Colton raced his way to 3 place running good, wanting to make it into the transfer position, he tries too hard and spins coming out of corner 2.

He's ready, the car's ready for the 2nd night of the Jim Raper Memorial Dirt Cup - now we just wait to see if the rain clears.  Skagit Speedway is keeping their web site updated with weather reports.  As of right now - the Race is ON with weather predictions of clearing this afternoon and evening.


Saturday, June 2nd, 2007 - Skagit Speedway

#13c - 410 Sprint Car

Qualified: 11th

 Heat Race:  Finished 7th

 A Main:  Started 9th, finished 15th, broken drive shaft after 15 laps,

Highlight was side by side duel with point leader Brock Lemley, almost 3 laps side by side, with Colton on the outside.  Later on a restart, Colton passed 3 cars by going to the top of the track and just driving pass.  Then the drive shaft disaster. The crew has assured Colton no more drive shaft failures, and that they are doing their best to eliminate these mechanical woe, so he can just drive fast.

 Next race:  This Saturday at Skagit Speedway, The Dirt Cup Tune Up Night - getting ready for the Jim Raper Memorial Dirt Cup event the following weekend. 

 Heath Racing would like to thank the Advanced Sprint Car and Truck Performance Race Team for providing the 410 motor for Colton to compete in the 410 Class at Skagit Speedway.

 Thank you to Devon and Mike for all their hard work in the pits.

Saturday, May 26, 2007 - Skagit Speedway

#13c - 410 Sprint Car

 Heath Racing would like to thank the Advanced Sprint Car and Truck Performance Race Team for providing the 410 motor for Colton to compete in the 410 Class at Skagit Speedway. 

 With good weather and track conditions, the practice went great.  For those who don't know, the practice sessions are only 3 laps, so Colton tries to make the most out of what time he's has on the track!  The fun thing about dirt racing, is that the track conditions change from week to week, and per Colton, even throughout the race night's program.

 Qualified - 8th  

 Heat Race - Colton started on the pole.  While running in second place, a caution came out for 2 cars that tangling in the back of the field.  During this yellow flag time, Colton brought the car in - problem was the top fuel line on the fuel pump loosened and was spilling fuel. 

 A-Main / 25 laps - Colton started 8th (Fourth row - outside), he raced to 5th place, with a car spinning in corner 4 and then kept it going - no yellow came out, 2 cars were able to get by him.  Colton finished 7th.  He's enjoying the speed and competition in this class, each week getting more seat time, and chipping away at getting it done.  Keyword this week was "finish".

 Thank you to Mike and Michael for their help in the pits.


May 19th, 2007 - Skagit Speedway

A HUGE THANK YOU goes to Advanced Truck and Sprint Car Race Team for providing Colton with a 410 motor.  It was very exciting, and a great opportunity to run in this class at Skagit Speedway.

 The sky's were clear, and the track was tacky when Colton hit the track for the first time in the 410 powered Sprint Car.  He did well in practice, and qualified 14th.  

 Starting last in the Heat Race, he used the laps of this race to get comfortable in the car, and tried using different lines on the track. 

 When A-Main Time came, Colton started 14th, he did a great job passing cars, looking smooth, he made his way to 8th place - with only 2 laps remaining in the race, going into corner 3, the car's rear end broke, this sent him to the pits and a finish to his night.

 Thank you to Mike, Devin, Barry, Jerry and Bob! 

 Colton is so ready to get back in the seat and compete in the The John Carroll Classic at Skagit Speedway this Saturday night, May 26th!


May 11th and 12th, 2007 - Skagit Speedway

The Northwest Sprint Challenge Series came to Skagit last weekend for a 2 day event.  A total of 50 cars checked in for this 360 class show. 

Colton qualified 24th.  He was in the 4th Heat Race, Colton had a great start, as he was running second, the motor had a problem (burnt piston) and the night was over early.  While on the track, he drove the car hard, and ran a great line, he was looking at a 2nd place finish with placement in the A-Main.

Thank you's go out to Devin, Kelsey, Mike, Barry, Jerry and Bob for all their hard work and support.

Next Race - This Saturday night at Skagit Speedway!


April 27th, 2007 - Skagit Speedway

The 2007 Race Season is now here!

 We are very exciting about this season, Colton will be driving in the 360 class this season at Skagit Speedway.  He is hoping to also do Speedweek with the NSCS Series.

Last weekend was the first race.  With threats of rain, Skagit pulled off a great night of racing. 

 Colton out for the first time in his new car for the season, see attached pictures - the #13c has a whole new look, with a bigger motor under the hood, with thanks to Evergreen Speed and many others, Colton will be running a 360 motor.

 Colton ran a perfect line during his practice session, Colton qualified 8th fastest out of 29 drivers.  During the Heat race, while starting to make his pass for the lead, a rod broke in the motor and ended his night early.  Everyone is working hard, and we are planning to run this weekend at Skagit.  Thank you!

 We are very happy and proud to have our 2006 sponsors returning for the 2007 season, with the addition of Evergreen Speed, Advanced Sprintcar & Truck Performance Center, and Triple X Race Co.

  Thank you to Devin, Kelsey, Rene, Shane, Mike and Randy for crewing last week.  AND KC (Kathie Chong) Productions for filming Colton on the track.  Thank you H2H for great first pictures!


2006 Season

July 8, 2006 - Skagit Speedway

Colton Heath - #13c Sportsman

 Last night was Mid Season Championship at Skagit Speedway, line up for the Mains are by Owner's points.  Colton went into the night 5th in Driver's and Owner's point.  Top 10 in points are automatically in the A Main.  Starting in the 3rd row inside just prior to the green flag the front to cars tangle and the first 3 rows come to a stop.  Unfortunately Rob Vaughn was the only car not able to get back into the race.  All cars that stopped must start in the back of the field.  No damage was done on the #13c car, and Colton wasted no time in getting around and through the field.  On lap 5 he was in 4th place.  With continued yellow and red flags, Colton made his way to the front.  With another red flag out, and 55 minutes into the race, the race was called on lap 15.  This was Colton's second win in a row, 3rd for the season.

We'd like to thank the crew last night who helped to celebrate the win:  Randy, Maria, Chelsea, Renee and Joe.  Special thanks - ALWAYS to Kathie Chong for video taping!!!!

Special fans with us last night - KD, Jodi, Logan, Dale, Dale Jr. and Victoria.  Also, our Sponsor Mike and his Son from Karttrak Indoor Raceways (congratulations to Mike and his wife - on a new baby daughter soon to be born).
GREAT BIG THANK YOU's to Smart Services for donating another $100.00 to the American Diabetes Association, and to the ANGEL Challenge for their $100.00 to Heath Racing for Colton's win.

July 1, 2006 - Skagit Speedway

Skagit Speedway - #13c Sportsman

Colton had an awesome night in his Green #13c sprint car, the following is from the Skagit Speedway Press Release:

 "For the second time in 2006 Colton Heath won the main event in the Cook Road Shell Sportsman Sprints. Starting 7th on the field, Heath made his moves early and often pulling up to challenge race-long leader Justin Knowles on the 14th lap. Heath wasted no time taking the lead getting past Knowles and opening up a few car-length advantage. Knowles was charging hard to get the lead back when his car turned, then flipped high and hard in turn 3 bringing out the red flag. On the restart Heath took off and was followed by Josh DeWitt and last weeks winner Robby Vaughn in second and third positions. Heath, Vaughn and Eric Fisher won the Sportsman heats. After the races, in victory circle, Heath announced that his sponsor Smart Services would be donating $100.00 to the American Diabetes Association for the win."

We would also like to thank Shane and Renee from the "Angel Challenge" who presented Colton with a $100.00 bill for his win.

Thank you Mike and the whole gang at Smart Services for the incentive and great contribution to the ADA, Colton enjoys racing for a cure!!!

May 27, 2006 - Skagit Speedway


May 20, 2006 - Skagit Speedway

Pill draw:  75

Heat Race:  5th

A-Main:  Started 13th, Finished 3rd!

May 19, 2006 - Yakima - Friday Night

WESCO series

There were 12 cars, Colton qualified 4th, he started and finished 3rd in the Dash.  Race called due to Rain prior to the Mains.  We would like to thank the Nunnleys, DeWitts, Smiths, Bergmans and the Johnsons for providing everything for Colton to Race with this series.  Also thank you to Dale, Big Al, Renee and Shane for their help, and Marie of My-CAD Co for the quick job on the vinyl.


May 13, 2006 - Skagit Speedway

Pill Draw:  #96

Heat Race:  3rd

A-Main:  Moved from 9th to 3nd in 7 laps, caution came out for another car, Colton felt a flat tire, he went into the pits, track went back to racing, and no further yellows to get Colton back on the track. 

May 6, 2006 - Skagit Speedway

Pill Draw:  #10

Heat Race:  WON



Skagit Speedway - Saturday, April 29, 2006

Colton Heath - #13c Sportsman Sprint 

Race was called due to rain

We will try again this Saturday night.


Deming Speedway - Friday, April 28, 2006

Colton Heath in the AC Racing #20 600.

Les Schwab Tire Center Night - Non Wing Show

Qualified: 2nd fast time

Heat Race:  3rd Place

A-Main:  2nd Place

 We'd like to thank AC Racing, Kathie, Randy and Andy Chong, they've asked Colton to fill in as their driver until Andy is done with Soccer.

 Colton will be back in the #20 600 this Friday for the Aero-Tech Pit Cart Night.


Saturday, April 22, 2006 - Skagit Speedway

#13c Sportsman Sprint - Colton Heath

 Pill Draw:  2 (Colton drew)

Heat Race:  WON

A-Main:  WON

It was Colton's first win at Skagit Speedway, we would like to thank Chelsey, Maria, Brett, Randy and Billy for their hard work in the pits.  Thank you also to Kathie for taping Colton's races.

 We would like to thank Smart Service for their donation of $100.00 to the American Diabetes Associates for Colton's Win.


Friday, April 21, 2006 - Deming Speedway

#20 600 Mini Sprint - Colton Heath

Qualified:  5th

Heat Race:  Finished 2nd

A-Main:  WON

We would like to thank AC Racing:   Kathie, Randy and Andy Chong for asking Colton to drive their #20 600 Mini Sprint while Andy finishes up his soccer season.

Visit Deming's web site, click on Frontier Chevrolet/Speedmart 600's, then news, to see a picture of Colton in Winner's circle.


2005 Season

7th Place finish in the Season Championship at Skagit Speedway

Saturday, September 10th, 2005 - Skagit Speedway

Pill draw # 16 (thank you Jolene for drawing)

Heat:  Started 3rd - Finished 3rd

A-Main:  Started 5th and finished 4th.  Colton and the car were right on. Thank you to the crew who did an awesome job.


Friday, September 9th, 2005 - Deming Speedway

#21 Justin Mickelson's 250

Rain delay - pill draw for the heats/Mains

Heat - Finished 3rd

A-Main - Finished 5th, after running 3rd for most of the race, car problem caused him to bring out the yellow and had to start in the back.  With just a couple laps left in the race, he moved from 10th to 5th.  They definitely had the car set up for the track, and the track was prepped perfect


Saturday, September 3rd, 2005 - Skagit Speedway

Saturday, September 3, 2005 - Skagit Speedway

#13c Colton Heath Sportsman Sprint


Pill Draw:  57  (out of 60 - Mom was fired from future drawing of the pill)

Heat:   Started:  8th - Finished 7th

A-Main:  Started 16th - Finished 15th 

  On the second lap, Colton went to the outside going into corner 1, inside car went high, Colton went higher into the wall, De beaded the left rear tire, right rear tire punctured and flat, he got back out on the track, but was many laps down.


Friday, September 2nd, 2005 - Deming Speedway

#21 Justin Mickelson's 250

 Qualified - Fast Time
Heat:  Finished 3rd

A-Main:  Finished 4th


Saturday, August 20th, 2005 - Skagit Speedway

Pill:  23

Heat Race:  1st Place

A-Main:      Finished:  6th.

The paragraph below was included in Skagit's Press Release of their Race results. 

 "Behind him the battle for second was historic, as Justin Knowles and rookies Seth Bergman and Colton Heath waged a three-car for runner-up honors. In to lapped traffic the threesome swapped spots lap after lap, wheel to wheel and wing to wing showcasing the type of racing Skagit Speedway fans have seen all year long in this exciting division of racing. At the final checkered flag, Bergman slipped ahead for second with Knowles third in his first week back after wrecking the car two months ago, Heath slipped back to sixth on the final lap as he slipped high into the cushion and lost a few positions while regaining control of the car after trying to bonzai the duo of Knowles and Bergman."

Kelly Hart the Speedway Announcer and writer of the above press release, is also the host of the Skagit Speedway's Radio show on Wednesday nights, Kelly stated he thought it was the best race of the season so far out of all classes.  We thought that was pretty cool.


Friday & Saturday, August 13-14th, 2005 - Skagit Speedway

Colton Raced his Sportsman with the 360 Sprint cars in the 360 Nationals 2 day event.  52 cars total, drivers from California, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.   Only 2 Sportsman participated as "Stock" Sportsman.  360 Sprint Cars have 200+ more horsepower, aluminum wheels, larger wings.  Colton's Sportsman weighs approx. 300 lbs heavier than a 360, and as a Stock Sportsman, he ran with restrictors.   It was a great opportunity to race with some very experienced racers, and get more seat time. 

Friday night's program consisted of Qualifying, Heat Race and Main events.  Colton qualified at 13.270 (approx. 2.4 tenths from the 360 best time).  A Bonus was being paid to the highest finishing Sportsman Driver.  Colton Won that bonus.

Heat Race:  Started 12th, Finished  10th.

C-Main:      Started 12th, Finished 9th.

Colton shut the car down on the last lap as the car lost power.  After investigating, Dave found the problem.  A loose spark plug wire on #8 cylinder.  Problem found and solved.  Nice work Dave, Mark and Dale.

Saturday Night's Program - Main events only.

During hot laps - Colton brought the car in - Problem:  cracked spark plug.  Again, Colton was on top of the car, he recognized a problem and shut it down before it could become more serious.  He is really getting a feel for the car.

C-Main:  Started 9th, Finished 13th  - GOOD JOB FOR A SPORTSMAN

Colton could race with them in the corners - which was very exciting to watch, on the straights, they would pull away from him.  We just needed a little more horsepower and less weight, and who knows how it might have turned out. 

A Bonus was paid out to the highest finishing Stock Sportsman for the weekend, Colton won it!!

Thank you to the crew on Friday and Saturday:  Dale, Dave, Chelsey, Jolene, Mark, Maria, Jody, Josh and Willie, we couldn't do it without them.

AND without you as our sponsors we couldn't do it either.


Saturday, August 6th, 2005 - Skagit Speedway

Pill Draw:  #4 (This was the best pill draw all season) 

Heat Race:  Started on the Poll - First lap - Right front tire cut down (DNF)

                   A-Main:   Started - 5th (3rd row inside)

               Finished - 4th (Ran in 3rd most of the race)

Weather was hot and we had a great crew who work hard, thank you to Mark, Dale, Maria, and Chelsea.


Saturday, July 23rd, 2005 - Skagit Speedway

Pill Draw:  55

Heat Race:  Started 8th - Finished 5th

A-Main:  Started 16th - Finished 15th

After the first 2 laps, the yellow came out and Colton had already moved up to 11th, from 16th.  On the restart, Colton passed 2 cars in corner 1, BUT the next lap going into corner 1  Colton got into the rough stuff, he said he could feel it go like he had never felt before, saying usually the car settles down after a couple bounces, not this time, he said he saw sky, ground, sky, ground, sky, ground, coming to rest on the right side (5 times over - kart wheeling). Colton was okay, he got out and jumped up on the car, the crowd roared (not sure if because he was okay - or they REALLY liked the flip).  With only a bruise under his left arm,  all the safety items did their job.  Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Greer for sponsoring him the HANS device.  And great job Kathie Chong (KC productions) for getting it all on video, thank you.

The car?  The #13c looked really bad as they removed it from the track, we had to replace most of the bolt on items, destroyed front and top wings (had borrowed a top wing - a different style) and the tail tank needed replacing, the guys have worked on it and we should be ready for the next race - tomorrow!!!

Saturday, July 16th, 2005 - Skagit Speedway

We had 3 weeks were we needed to pull the engine from the car and work on.  Problems that we are learning as rookies in this class of Sprint Car. 

3 weeks ago Colton raced the #20 600 car at Deming from Andy Chong.  He finished 4th, last Friday it was a rain out.  Both weeks getting the car ready for Clay Cup this past weekend.  

We would like to thank AC Racing - The Chong family, Randy, Kathie and Andy who hired Colton to drive their #20 600 in the 2005 Clay Cup Nationals at Deming Speedway.

Week before last at Skagit Colton was back in the car, and he had a good night during Skagit's Mid Season Championship night.  We would like to thank Hal and Cookie Pennington for the new Rear Tire.  Line ups were done by Owners points, so Colton started 11th.  The car ran good, and Colton finished 7th.  Colton is currently 8th in points at Skagit.

The first night (Thursday) of Clay Cup, Colton qualified 10th, he started 6th in the heat and finished 3rd.  During the race, the first and second cars checked up which Colton then did, and then spun - he kept his foot on the pedal and did a 360 in front of the remaining cars and held his 3rd place position.  Line up for the main event was by qualifying times, total invert.  Colton raced the #20 AC Racing 600 to win the A main on the first night of Clay Cup.  Tonight is another qualifying night.  cumulative points earned for qualifying, passing, and heat and main finishes.  Colton is sitting after last night's run - 4th in the A-Main for Saturday race.  Perfect for Colton, he likes the outside! 

Second night (Friday) of Clay Cup, Colton qualified 9th, he started 6th and Won the Heat Race.  A-Main - Colton WON - two nights in a row.

Third night (Saturday) of Clay Cup, Colton was to start secon row -outside, while lining up for the green flag, Colton pulled into the pits with a flat right rear tire, knowing he was going to have to start in the back.  With the tire changed (thank you to the AC Racing Crew and all the others who helped) Colton started 16th in the 40 lap main.  Colton ran a good race and finished 7th.

Saturday, June 4th, 2005 - Skagit Speedway

      #13c Sportsman Sprint

Pill Draw:  #8 - the best so far (thanks Dad) closes had been a 36 

 Heat Race:  3rd place (on left front flat)

A-Main - Did not take the green, we had concerns about the motor - better safe than sorry, we seemed to have a problem half way through the heat race. THE GOOD NEWS:  found the problem and we'll be back on Saturday.


Saturday, May 28, 2005 - Skagit Speedway

      #13c Sportsman Sprint

    Pill Draw:  46

     Heat Race:  Started 4th - Finished 1st

     A Main:  Started 9th - Running 3rd when car stopped on track.

Problem:  Fuel line to #8 cylinder came off after hit in nerf bar by another car.  Disappointed was the driver and crew, this was the best the track/car/driver has been this season.  We are really looking forward to this Saturday night to pick up where we left off last week prior to the incident on the track.  Although Colton finished 15th in the race, he did move back up in the points.  Currently 8th out of 26 drivers.


Friday, May 27, 2005 - Deming Speedway


Drove for Ryan Fischer #00 - 600 Class

    Qualified 3rd fastest

    Heat Race:  Started 4th - Finished 3rd

    A-Main:  Started 4th - Finished 9th

   Drove for Brock Lemley #10 - 1200 Class

    Qualified 4th fastest

    Heat Race:  Started 3rd - Flipped - Finished Last

    B Main:  Started last - Finished 2nd - Transfered to A Main

    A Main:  Finished 10th


Saturday, May 21, 2005 - Skagit Speedway

      #13c Sportsman Sprint

We were Rained Out at 4:45 today


Saturday, May 14th, 2005 - Skagit Speedway

#13c Sportsman Sprint

Pill Draw:  80

Heat Race:  Started 6th - Finished 6th

A-Main:  Started 18th - Finished 18th (Several laps down)

With only a couple laps into the race, Colton was hit in the right rear tire (cut in tire, bent wheel and Watts Link broken) by another car, while in the pits Colton's team, and the great help of several others, replaced wheel/tire and the watts link.  We really appreciate everyones efforts and help - thank you. 

Thank you to our crew:  Dale, Randy, Ed, Shane, Mark, Jolene and Chelsey.


Friday, May 13th, 2005 - Skagit Speedway

#20 Andy Chong 600

Qualified - 9th

Heat Race:  Started 2nd - WON

A-Main:  Started 9th - Finished 7th

Andy will be in his #20 car this week after playing select soccer, Colton, Bill and I would like to thank the AC Racing Team for giving Colton the opportunity to drive his car while he was playing soccer.  Thank you Kathie, Randy, Andy and Billy.


Saturday, May 7th, 2005 - Skagit Speedway

#13c Sportsman Sprint


  Pill Draw:  #35

  Heat Race:  Started 4th - Finished 2nd

  A-Main:  Started 8th - Finished 3rd

Colton rec'd "Hard Charger" with 7 passing points this week - tied with Kelsey Carpenter


Driver's post race comment:  "I'm happy where I finished, the crew set up a good car"

Crew Chief post race comment:  "I think having the Rookie flags removed, gave Colton a since of confidence, and he went out and raced the car how he likes to"


Comments from 2 race fans (WQMA Quarter Midget Drivers):

  Chad Fitzpatrick, 9 yrs - Everett  "Colton is cool, he signed everything I had to sign after the races".


  Chance Crum, 7 yrs - Snohomish "It was cool to see Colton slide in front of cars after he passed them.  He got to the front fast from where he started."

Colton is currently 5th in points out of 24 drivers. We are having a good time at Skagit.  Gates open at 4:30, packing of the track at 6:30, opening ceremonies at 7:30, Heat races, and Main events.  For more track info visit  If you are at the races, we hope you'll come down afterwards and see us.  Colton has some new autograph cards (designed by My-CAD Co).

 We would like to thank the crew this week:  Dale, Skip, Billy, Randy, Shane, Chelsey. 

 Special friends in the stands Saturday night, the Pennington's, Kuhen's, Benson's, Crum's and Fitzpatrick's.


Friday, May 6th, 2005 - Deming Speedway

#20 Andy Chong's 600

  Qualified:  9th

  Heat Race - Started 6th - Finished 5th

  B-Main - WON

  A-Main - 5th Place

This coming Friday is Colton's last committed race in Andy's car, (may race a couple more when Andy is in tournaments this summer).  We would like to thank Kathie, Randy and Andy for this great opportunity to drive his car, Colton has had lots of fun and we enjoyed being back at Deming. 


Saturday, April 30th, 2005 - Skagit Speedway

  #13c Sportsman Sprint

  Still ran with rookie flag

  (track to decide if they can come off next week)

  Pill draw of #94

  Heat Race:  Started 6th - Finished 6th

  A-Main:  Started 20th - Finished 10th


Driver's Pre-Race Statement - "The car is fast with a good set up"


From the pits - We see Colton getting more and more comfortable in the car with each lap.  As a rookie, he can use each Sportsman practice sessions of 3 laps.  He stayed out for all 3.  Some minor adjustments and he was ready to go. 


Patience is going to be a big part of racing at Skagit, and Colton had it during the heat race.


Main event was great.  Colton on a restart went from 15th to 7th in 1 lap, unfortunately another yellow came out and the line up went back to the last lap complete.  Colton was in the pits 3 times, 1st for a left front tire change (thanks to all that crew who picked the car up - because it was faster than using a jack) second time he was checking the steering, and the 3rd was checking the left rear wheel, and the body.  All under yellows, but each time going to the back of the pack for the starts.  Finished the race in 10th Place.


We would like to thank the crew:  Alan, Dale, Randy, Billy, Mark, Jolene.


Friday, April 29th, 2005 - Deming Speedway

Racing Andy Chong's #20 - 600 Class

  Qualified 3rd fastest

  Heat Race:  2nd Place Finish

  A-Main:  1st Place Finish (3rd in a Row)

**** Colton has lead every lap in this class this year!****

We would like to thank Randy, Kathie and Andy Chong for asking Colton to drive their car while Andy finishes up his Select Soccer commitment.  It's been a lot of fun being back at Deming, the racers and fans are great.



Saturday, April 23, 2005 - Skagit Speedway

  Racing the #13c Sportsman, No qualifing - pill draw #97 - as a rookie - will start in the back for the first 3 races.  Heat Race:  Started 6th - Finished 5th - qualified for the A main.   A-Main,  Started 18th - Finished 11th - NO DAMAGE  :o) 

Drivers report from practice (3 laps):   car was too loose

 We would like to thank Dale, Alan, Mark and Jolene for their help Saturday night.  Colton wasn't nervous on his first night at Skagit Speedway, although I would say the crew was nervous.  Lots of excitement for the Heath Race Team.

We were assigned a pit stall next to last year's Sportsman Champion Danny Bullock, this year in a 410.  On the other sides of us we have the DeWitts with their 360 and 410, and behind us Brock Lemley with his 410.  Gates opened at 3:30 - in the future pits will open at 4:30.   73 cars signed in, and 5000+ in the stands for Skagit's largest opener in many years.

After the main event, Kaleb Hart track reporter gave Colton time to catch his breath and talk with the crew about the car before interviewing him.

A few rain drops came down while Colton was getting ready to go out on the track, but the rain held out until a few laps into the main event for the 410's.  Track was closed after the races to spectators so race teams could load up and get off the track.

We would like to thank Sandblasters Inc. of Marysville who invited us to participate in their car show.  This was our 3rd year bringing Colton's race car, it was nicely done with lots of cars and car buffs looking around.

Last night - Colton was a guest on Skagit Speedway Race Talk Show.  Radio show is broadcasted on KAPS 660 am on Wednesday nights from 7:00 to 8:00 pm. at the Cranberry Tree Restuarant in Mount Verson.  Colton did a great job.  Kelly and Kaleb Hart are the hosts, they will provide us a tape of the show, so if you are interested in hearing it, please let me know.  I met H2H webmaster of who added the #13c picture to his site.  We met Lara who's a track reporter for Skagit, she will be talking to Colton for an article she wants to write this weekend.


Friday, April 22, 2005 - Deming Speedway

  Racing the #20 Andy Chong 600cc

    Qualified 8th

    Heat Race finish:  3rd

    A-Main:  1st Place - WIN,   (2 in a row)

    Picture with the Chongs on our web site


2004 Season

Season Champion - 600 Class at Deming Speedway

600 Mini Sprint Race #19 August 27th

Qualified - Fast Time; Heat - 2nd; A-Main 1st Place. That makes four in a row. Colton a 39 point lead. Thank you to Dick Stryker, Tyler, Leanne and Kelly Tanner for their help in the pits. Special thanks to Dick Stryker for his racing incentives. Smart Service of Shoreline will again pay $100.00 to the American Diabetes Associates for Colton's A-main win. Thank you Smart Service. They have contributed a total of $800.00 this season so far. Visit them at

600 Mini Sprint Race #18 August 20th

Qualified - Fast Time of 10.96; Heat - 2nd; A-Main 1st Place. Colton is currently ahead in the points.

600 Mini Sprint Race #17 August 13th

Qualified - 5th; Heat - 1st; A-Main 1st Place. Colton is currently ahead in the point by 26 for the season championship, with 6 races remaining. Bill was out of town last Friday, Colton and I would like to THANK both Gaylon and Dick who helped us in the pits. Gaylon and Dick are regular crew members, but this week with Bill gone, both Colton and I realized how lucky we are to have such a great a team. Colton's victory speeches keep getting better, not only thanking the sponsors, but thanking the fans for being there, and the promoters for giving the racers a great track to race at. Smart Service of Shoreline has donated a total of $600.00 to the American Diabetes Association this season, $100.00 for each A-main win. Check out their web site at the bottom of their home page, Colton's race car is racing for the American Diabetes Association with the donation amount on a race track.

600 Mini Sprint Race #16 August 6th

Qualified - Fastest; Heat - 2nd; A-Main 1st Place. We would like to thank our Crew members who are always there helping us:  Gaylon, Skip, Dick. We would also like to thank Smart Service who donates $100.00 to the American Diabetes Association for every A Main Win.  Thank you to Stryker for his incentive program :o). The announcers spoke of Colton's racing for this cause, and his sponsor who participates in Colton's racing by making these contributions.  They mentioned that Smart Service of Shoreline has contributed so far this year $500.00 to the ADA because of the 13c's wins.  Thank you Smart Service. Last Thursday night Colton and the 13c 600 were at Eastside Marine Brokerage for a BBQ.  Colton had an opportunity to talk with many people about our race program and racing at Deming Speedway.  Thank you Stryker for having us there.

600 Mini Sprint Race #15 July 30th

Qualified - 2nd fastest; Heat - 2nd; A-Main 9th Place due to brake failure

600 Mini Sprint Race #14 July 23rd

Qualified - the timing clock had problems, so line ups from pill draw (90); Heat - 2nd; A-Main 1st Place

Clay Cup July 14th - 16th

Thursday: 250 - Qualified-9th, Heat-3rd, A-Main-8th; 600 - Qualified-10th, Heat-7th, A-Main-3rd; Points towards Saturday:
250 -12th place; 600 - 6th place

Friday: 250 - Qualified-2nd, Heat-2nd, A-Main-3rd; 600 - Qualified-11th, Heat-1st, A-Main-1st Place; Points towards Saturday: 250 - Pole; 600 - 6th place

Saturday: 250 - Finished 12th in A-Main - lost brakes in the first 10 laps, raced 20 more laps before having to come in. 600 - Finished 6th

600 Mini Sprint Race #13 July 9th

Colton broke his own track record of 10.88 - he and a driver from Idaho both ran a 10.74, Heat Race: Finished 2nd, A-Main: Finished 3rd

600 Mini Sprint Race #11 June 25th

Heat Race - Finished 2nd. A-Main - with 8 car invert, Colton finished 5th. Colton remains in the championship point lead by 11 points.

600 Mini Sprint Race #10 June 11th

Colton qualified with Fast time, came in 4th in the Heat Race, and finished 3rd in the A Main.

600 Mini Sprint Race #9 June 4th

Colton set Fast Time, Finished 2nd in the Heat and 2nd in the A-main.

600 Mini Sprint Race #8 May 28th

Race Cancelled due to rain.

600 Mini Sprint Race #7 May 21st

Colton qualified with the Fastest Time, Finished 3rd in the Heat Race, and then the rains came. Race was called due to weather.

600 Mini Sprint Race #6 May 14th

Qualified with FAST TIME. Heat Race: Started: 4th, Finished: 1st Place. Straight up order based on qualifying. A-Main: Started: On the Pole, Finished: 1st Place

600 Mini Sprint Race #5 May 7th

Heat Race: WON, Started front row, outside. Finished: 1st. A-Main: Started 4th, Finished 3rd

600 Mini Sprint Race #4 April 30th

Set fast time with a 11.32. Heat Race: Started 4th, Finished 1st, 8 car invert. A-Main: Started 8th, Broke - didn't finish race, placed 8th. Moved into second place in the points.

600 Mini Sprint Race #3 April 23rd

Colton broke the track record again with a 11.10. Heat Race: Started 4th Finished 3rd, 6 car invert. A-Main: Started 6th, Finished 2nd, Maintained the points lead in the 600cc Class.

600 Mini Sprint Race #2 April 16th

Colton broke his own record with a 11.11, Finished 3rd in the heat, and finished 3rd in the A main.

600 Mini Sprint Race #1 April 9th

Colton qualified and set fast time - which is also now the track record with a 11.33. He finished a great side by side heat race in 3rd by inches. A Main - Colton started 6th (6 car invert) and WON the 1st 600 Main event at Deming.

2003 Season

Jr. 250 Micro Sprint Season Finale

Trophy Dash - 1st Place,  A - main - 1st Place,  Mechanics race - in a 1200 - 1st Place.

Jr. 250 Micro Sprint Season CHAMPION!

2003 season recap, total of 26 races, with 2 rain outs. Colton had 7 wins, 7 second's, 3 third's, 2 fourth's, and 1 fifth. He won the championship by 50 points.


Jr. 250 Micro Sprint race #22 September 5th, 2003

At Deming Speedway they rotate the classes each month, for the month of September - 250 Jrs. are up first. Colton drew a #5, which put him on the track first to qualify. During the 3 lap practice, Colton was fast. No change was made to the car. Qualified: FAST TIME with a 11:38 (Fastest out of both Jr. & Sr. 250 classes). Heat Race: Finished 2nd. A-MAIN: Finished 1ST Place. When we arrived and as we pushed the car into the track, we noticed something wrong with the right rear wheel, once inside, we discovered a bent wheel. We got it changed just in time to go out and pack the track. Otherwise no damage or broken parts for the rest of the night. Thanks to Tony and Crew at Port of Subs, Mill Creek who supplied great sub sandwiches for the Colton Heath #13c Team. Thanks to Skip who rode up with us and worked and cleaned the car. Our "Sponsor of the Week" this week is: GERVASI'S CYCLE REPAIR 3005 Everett Avenue,  Everett, WA 98201Tel: 425-259-6875 Fax: 425-339-8067 WEB: "Specialist in Japanese Motorcycle repair, parts & accessories" We would like to say thank you to Rick Gervasi, owner of Gervasi's Cycle Repair, for his sponsorship and help with our motor program this season. Starting in February, Rick brought Colton and Bill into his shop and put together our motor program. Rick is great to work with, and his expertise and knowledge can't be beat. Colton and Bill have spent many evenings with Rick at his shop working and learning. I'm sure much of Colton's successes can be contributed to GCR Pro Racing. Bill and Colton have the highest respect for Rick and his crew, Bob, Larry and Steve at Gervasi's Cycle Repair. Upstairs you'll find thousands of parts and accessories. You'll also find Shelly, Rick's wife, she is the Parts Manager, and assisting her, James and Matt. Visit their web site, or stop by the shop, they have it all - Service, parts and accessories. Call them at 425-259-6875. THANK YOU TO SMART SERVICE - for your donation of $100.00 for every A Main win Colton has to the AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION. Only 3 races left. Hope you'll be able to make it out. Deming Speedway's awards banquet is scheduled for November 1st.

Jr. 250 Micro Sprint race #21 August 29th, 2003

Colton qualified 3rd fast. Finished 2nd in the Heat Race. FINISHED 1ST in the A MAIN (he's won 3 of the last 4 races). We have 4 races remaining. We'd like to share our "SPONSOR OF THE WEEK". Smart Service in Shoreline on Ballinger Way. This is Smart Service's 4th year of Sponsorship of Colton. Heath Racing would like to thank Mike, John, Ron, Terry and Doug for their continued Sponsorship and support of Colton with his racing. Smart Service is an independent Subaru service, repair and performance facility. Open Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. Since 1999 Smart Service has provided affordable, expert, high quality service and repair exclusively for Subaru Vehicles. Please visit their web site at for more information and directions. Smart Service in addition to Colton's sponsorship, includes an incentive for him on the race track. For every A Main win, they donate $100.00 to the American Diabetes Association. The ADA is very special to Mike and his family, as well as our own. Colton lost a grandfather, Darrel Clipps to Diabetes, he has a grandmother and another grandfather managing their diabetes today. For more information about Diabetes, visit

Jr. 250 Micro Sprint race #20 August 22nd, 2003

Colton qualified with Fast time. Finished 2nd in the Heat Race. Finished 4th in the A Main. Points standing - 33 in the lead.

Jr. 250 Micro Sprint race #19 August 15th, 2003

Colton qualified second fastest with a 11.57 (fast time was a 11.54) Heat race: Finished 4th A-Main: Finished 1st. Thank you to all the Quarter Midget drivers and families who on their way to Canada for the CanAm Race stopped by Deming Speedway. The track was dry, all qualifying times were slower. After Colton completed his second qualifying lap, his wing bracket broke and fell off as he entered the pits. With the help of Skip and Kevin, got the spare wing, and quickly replaced it in time for the Heat race. After the heat race, we made a small adjustment and headed for the A Main. No invert, straight up. With a couple early yellows, and then a yellow out with 3 to go, then another 2 yellows, with 2 to go, Colton did a great job and won the race. It was really great having Rick and Bob back in the pits from GCR Pro Racing. Thank you to Alan of ADH Consulting who is keeping our web site up to date with information and pictures. The Sub Sandwiches are the teams fuel, they were awesome from Port of Subs in Mill Creek. Thank you Tony and crew. The announcers mentioned a couple times during the program, how Colton Heath's sponsor Smart Service donates $100.00 for every A-Main win that Colton takes to the American Diabetes Association, sharing that Colton had won the Main event last week.  This week Colton and Heath Racing would like to say thank you to Smart Service of Shoreline for their donation of $100.00 to the American Diabetes Association. Next week, you'll meet the people of Smart Service, "Your Independent Subaru Experts".

Jr. 250 Micro Sprint race #18 August 9th, 2003

COLTON HEATH IN THE 13C - CLEAN SWEEP, Colton qualified with FAST time of a 11:37 (his personal best!) Heat Race: Finished 1st, A-Main: Finished 1st, Both Colton and the car were set up for track last night. We drove through rain showers on our way to the track. Had a bit of rain, thunder and lightning after the heats, but they got the track dried out enough for the Mains. The Ball's, Quarter Midget friends came up for the night, Shelby packed the track with Colton's car and did a good job. While Shelby was out in Colton's car, Bill Rude #77 who pits next to us, asked Colton to jump into his 1200 car and take it out. Colton's eyes got big and said "can I?" So, out he went, I think he smiled the whole time out there, and WE knew he really wanted to step on it to see what it would do! Thanks again to Skip Chapman, who has been so great coming up on Friday nights and helping us out. Thanks also goes to Shelby and Kevin who were in the pits and helped Colton get ready, and clean the car too! Thank you to GCR Pro Racing for providing a great motor. The time you spend with Bill and Colton in the shop is very much appreciated. Colton and Heath Racing would like to thank Tony, and his crew from the Port of Subs in Mill Creek, we had great Sub sandwiches - which hit the spot, and keep us going! Colton and Heath Racing would like to say Thank you - to Smart Service of Shoreline for their continuous sponsorship, and with the A Main win last night, their donation of $100.00 to the American Diabetes Association. Watch for next week's "Race Results", Smart Service will be our 1st "Sponsor of the Week".

Jr. 250 Micro Sprint race #17 August 1st, 2003

It was a very interesting race day/night - Bill had an opportunity with his work to go to Canada fishing at Rivers Inlet. He flew out of Renton on a Float plane on Tuesday morning. Bill and Colton had prepared the race car on Sunday, and the trailer was loaded. Skip Chapman and Alan Howard, and Alan's son Justin came up to help us. Colton qualified: FAST TIME, Colton's Heat Race: Finished 2nd, Bill's plane landed on the water in Renton at 5:00 pm, he got through Friday 's SeaFair traffic, and made it to Deming just before the Main event. Colton's A-Main: Finished 2nd. It was great to see, and have Warren and Lynette of SANDBLASTERS of Marysville at the track. Points Update: Colton is sitting 2 points behind the points leader with 8races remaining.

Jr. 250 Micro Sprint race #15 July 25th, 2003

The weather was hot, and the track slick. Colton qualified 3rd fastest with a 11.53 (fast time was 11.51) Heat Race: Finished 2nd. A Main: Finished 2nd. Colton is sitting second in points, he gained 5 points on the leader. Thank you to Skip who rode up with us and crewed on the motor home (flat inside rear tire on the way to the track) and the 13c Micro Sprint. In the next couple of weeks, we will be featuring a "Sponsor of the Week" on our Web site, and our "13c Race Results" e-mails.

20th Annual Clay Cup July 17th-19th , 2003

We arrived on Wednesday evening, everyone was excited to get started. Most of the "Out of State" racers were already there when we arrived. A large group from Idaho and California, some from Arizona, Colorado, and Oregon. $30,000 dollar purse, it's the largest in the nation. Drivers qualified for Saturday night's race with their best finish from Thursday night or Friday night. Top 14 cars go to the A Main, next 10 to the B Main, and remaining in a "C" non qualifier race (6 move to the B main). Colton qualified as one of the youngest drivers participating. With hot weather on Thursday, and a dry slick track, he qualified 17th out of 36. Passing points are earned during a Heat and Main events. Colton came in 5th in the Heat, and finished 5th in the B Main. On Friday, even hotter temps and still a dry slick track. Colton qualified 15th (just missed the A). He came in 3rd in the Heat, and WON the B Main. He had used up the right rear tire, but did his best in the A Main. He finished 11th in the A Main. Saturday morning we found out that Colton had qualified with enough points to be in the A Main, starting 14th. Bill was happy, he said that was this year's goal - get into the A. Colton said his goal was to finish in the top 10. We bought 2 new tires for the rear. Hot lap session consists of 3 laps (2 events before the A Main), Colton look AWESOME - he was fast, in those 3 laps, no one could pass him or stay up with him. Bill and Colton had spent the day getting the car set up (for a dry slick track), everything looked great, until he came in - the right rear was going flat. With only 1 race before we started the A Main, things went wild, Bill was on his way to the tire trailer (outside of track) when the red flag came out for an incident on the back stretch, 4 cars into and through the fence. This gave Bill time to get out to the trailer, get a tire and be back inside before it went back to green. Skip, Colton and I had the other tire off the wheel, and ready to mount the new tire when Bill got back. Thanks to all who helped us get it done. The tire dealer was out of the tire we had planned to run, so the size and compound were different. Colton did the best he could. Finished 13th. With minor damage, broken right front shock, which wouldn't let him keep the car down on the track, he avoided many mishaps, and had a good time. I think the highlight to the weekends events for me - was watching Colton race side by side with Stan Yockey for 5 laps, Stan is the mfg of the brand of car Colton drives, he won Clay Cup last year. Before going out in the A Main on Friday night, Colton started just behind Stan, he said "I just got to stay out of his way". Next thing I saw, was Colton racing him, not intimidated at all!

Jr. 250 Micro Sprint race #14 July 11th, 2003

The weather was warm. Colton qualified 9th. Heat race: Started 5th, finished 3rd. Main event: Started 9th, finished 3rd. Only ran 10 laps, with so many cautions, they cut laps, and then a green, white, checkered flag, so not much racing time. Thank you to Kim and Alan Howard, and Carla and Gaylon Stewart who came up to help us out. 2003 CLAY CUP NATIONALS, $30,000 Largest event in the US for our cars. This coming weekend. Colton will be racing with adults. We are leaving on Wednesday night. Colton will race a full program on Thursday night, and then another on Friday night. The best night finish will be the qualifier for the Saturday night race. Colton, Bill and I would like to thank Rick of GCR Pro Racing for all the help last week and this week for helping us get prepared for this big event.

Jr. 250 Micro Sprint race #13 July 4th, 2003

No qualifying - They took the top 4 drivers in points and had a "Dash for Cash" race. Colton came in first and won $50.00. No heat race, just the main. Colton started 5th in the Main, cars checked up and he locked up the brakes, hit inside wall, bent front axle and bent left rear wheel. Restarted the race in the back, had to adjust the wing and compensate for ill handling car, but had a great run and finished 3rd. I wasn't there (first time in 8 years of Colton's racing), I was announcing at the 2003 Western Grand Nationals for the week with the Quarter Midgets. Thank you to Skip Chapman who helped Bill and Colton that night. Found out later that Colton's left arm was hurt from inside wall incident (first injury in 8 years of racing). X-rays didn't show any breaks or fractures. Just bruised.

Jr. 250 Micro Sprint race #12 June 27th, 2003

Weather was warm - high 70's.Colton was the first car out on the track to pack the track (just can't keep him out of the car).  His 3 laps of practice went well. Qualified:  3rd fastest. Heat Race:  Finished 2nd. A main:  Finished 3rd. Currently:  2nd in the Season Championship points. The A main started at 10:10 PM (late), 6 car invert, Colton started 4th.  There were so many yellow flags on the start. 5 yellows before 1 lap was on the board.  Continued to have more yellows, on Lap #5 they threw a green and white, total of 6 laps for the A Main event (total of 10 cautions/restarts).  Top 4 cars had great starts, but never really had a chance to race. Heath Racing would like to thank Gaylon Stewart and Skip Chapman who were a big help on the 13c last night. Thank you to Port of Subs, Mill Creek - Tony and the crew supplied us with great sub sandwiches. Next week - Colton will race on the 4th of July.  The Heath's are heading to Little Wheels at Pierce County Fairgrounds this week where Carla will be announcing for the 2003 Western Grands for the Quarter Midgets.  Quarter Midget drivers from all over the US will be here to compete.  Bill and Colton will head up to Deming Speedway on Friday to compete in the 13th race of the season.  (13? this could be good!). Tonight - Great racing at Evergreen Speedway on the 5/8's.  The NASCAR Grand National Winston West series will be competing in the Coors Light 200 (with pitstops), and the Super Stock's Mid Season Championship with a 75 lapper.  Discount tickets are available at NAPA and Albertson stores.  When you come out, stop by the announcers booth and say hi to Carla.  Looks like great weather, and there will be SUPER RACING!

Jr. 250 Micro Sprint race #11 June 13th, 2003

Colton had a CLEAN SWEEP last night with his Green, #13c on a "Friday the 13th" under a full moon.  Qualified: 11.47 FAST TIME out of 17.  Heat race - Finished 1st. A Main - Finished 1st. Special thanks to Dave Dewitt who put up $100.00 to each of the A Main Winners last night. Colton and The Heath Race team would also like to thank SMART SERVICE of Shoreline, who donates $100.00 for each A Main Win that Colton takes this year to the AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION.  THANK YOU!!! Thank you to GCR Pro Racing for sponsoring us T-shirts, a Hat and Fuel Jug to provide to Deming Speedway as giveaways.  It was decided that the Fuel Jug would be given to the Sr. 250 class, 3rd Heat Race Winner.  Taking the win - Ben Hogarth.  The Announcer ask Colton to present the Jug to Ben, and then talk about his Sponsor Gervasi's Cycle Repair.  Colton did a great job on the Mike. Heath Racing would also like to thank EVERGREEN Speedway for providing Tickets to the June 21st, Mid Season Championship Race Night, which were passed out to some of the Deming Race Fans who haven't been to Evergreen Speedway before. The Skipper "Skip Chapman" helped crew Colton's big night, thank you to Skip who us make it a great night. The weather looked iffy on the way up to Deming with a few sprinkles, Colton kept saying "it isn't going to rain, this is going to be a GOOD night". We had picked early in the season, "Friday the 13" night for the 13c team to sell 50/50 raffle tickets.  Our goal was to sell the most, which we did.  $700.00.  Colton, Kiel Vaillant, and Kyle Johnson went through the stands while the other drivers packed the track, once practice started, Kiel's Mom Theresa and I started selling tickets in the pits and stands.  Our goal was to beat last weeks sales, which we did, selling twice as much. We have next week off at Deming (only one this Season) due to the DIRT CUP at Skagit Speedway.  Big event for them, Thursday through Saturday. Coming up for us:  On July 17th, 18th, 19th at Deming Speedway, the 20th Annual CLAY CUP NATIONALS $30,000 purse, largest in the US.  Colton will be racing with adults.  Last year Colton ran as one of the youngest to compete, and it was only his second time in a borrowed car, he rolled in the Heat race, and finished 7th in the B Main.  We will be attending the PRE RACE Party on Wednesday evening, July 16th.  I'll send more details soon.

Jr. 250 Micro Sprint race #10 June 6th, 2003

HOT HOT HOT - Colton Qualified 4th fastest. Heat Race: Finished 3rd. A Main Event: Finished 2nd. Track was "dry slick", which was the first time this season. We would like to say thank you to TRAXX In-door Go-Kart Racing in Mukilteo who supplied gift certificates, and GW Auto Rebuild in Edmonds for a great looking long sleeve T-shirt. These were used for lucky number program giveaways during the Race. We had a great time with many old friends from the Quarter Midgets who came out to watch. BIG THANK YOU to Marie at My-Cad Co. for the awesome Colton Heath 13x Autograph cards! Next Friday night - Friday the 13th, The Heath Race Team will be selling 50/50 raffle tickets to the stands and pit area. Each team who races at Deming takes a night to sell tickets. We thought the 13th would be a great date for us! Thank you to Skip, Chase and Shane who helped in the pits as part of the Heath Race Team.

Jr. 250 Micro Sprint race #9 May 30th, 2003

Rained Out

Jr. 250 Micro Sprint race #8 May 23rd, 2003

Great weather! Track got better as the night went on. Qualified - 2nd Fastest, Heat Race #1 - 1st Place, Finish A Main Event - 2nd Place. We'd like to thank Skip who came up and crewed for us, and Bob from GCR Pro Racing for his help and support. Our hopes and wishes for a quick recovery to Rick who had knee surgery a couple weeks ago. We enjoyed great Subs Sandwiches from Mill Creek Port of Subs.  Thank you Tony & crew.

Jr. 250 Micro Sprint race #7 May 16th, 2003

Rained Out

Jr. 250 Micro Sprint race #6 May 9th, 2003

The 13c of Colton Heath takes the WIN at Deming. The Weather was great, track good. Qualified 5th fastest. Heat Race #1: Started 2nd Finished 1st Place. A Main Event: Started 2nd Lead the whole race, with 2 restarts and 3 yellows and a red, Finished 1st Place. We would like to thank Smart Service, "Your Independent Subaru Expert" on Ballinger Way NE in Shoreline for their sponsorship and support. They donate $100.00 to the American Diabetes Association for every Main event that Colton WINS. The ADA is a very important organization for Smart Service, as it is for Heath Racing. Colton's grandfather, Darrel Clipps, who was a big race fan, and part of the Heath Race team, passed away 2 1/2 years ago from complications of Diabetes. Thank you again Smart Service for your contribution to the American Diabetes Association. We would like to wish a quick recovery to Rick of GCR Pro Racing who had surgery on his knee last Friday.


Jr. 250 Micro Sprint race #5 May 2nd, 2003

Track was good, still dry, surface broken up in corners 1 and 2. Thank you to Steve Mortland who came up and filmed for us.  Thanks to Gaylon for all the help, and a special thanks to Bob and Ginni from GCR Pro Racing. Qualified 3rd Fastest. Heat Race #1: Started 3rd Finished 3rd. A Main: Started 3rd Finished 2nd. Once again the race had many yellows, Colton was able to avoid all the problems. Good luck to our Quarter Midget friends who will be competing in the 1st Region Race at the WQMA track this weekend.  The NUPRECON 125 presented by NAPA will be this Saturday night at Evergreen Speedway.  Raybestos Brakes Northwest Series will be racing on the 3/8's (first time since 1990), hope to see you there. $5.00 off adult ticket coupons available at NAPA stores.

Jr. 250 Micro Sprint race #4 April 25th, 2003

Once again the weather was clear and cool, track was a bit drier (loose). Thank you to Jessica who drew for Colton and pulled a #2, so he was first out to qualify.  Qualified 4th. Heat Race #1: Started 3rd, Finished 2nd. A Main: Started 14th, Finished 7th. Thank you to Rick, Bob and Jessica for coming up and helping us with the car. We would like to thank both Tony and his crew at Port of Subs in Mill Creek and Warren & Lynette of Sandblasters Inc. of Marysville for having us on site this past weekend. Saturday Colton and his #13c Car were at Port Of Subs in Mill Creek, Tony and his Crew did a great job of hosting Heath Racing. We met lots of people and Colton shared information about himself, his car, his sponsors and Deming Speedway. On Sunday, Sandblasters Inc. hosted the Golden Wheels group for their inspection, and invited those who they've sponsored this season to bring their cars out also. It was a great time, with lots of participation and people coming out to see the race cars..

Jr. 250 Micro Sprint race #3 April 18th, 2003

The weather was good, and the track excellent. This was the first week qualifying has taken place. Colton set fast time in the 250 Jr. class, lap time of 11.91 & 11.86. Total of 16 cars. We'd like to thank Alan and Justin Howard who were part of the pit crew, and Rick and Bob from GCR Pro Racing. Heat Race #1: Started 4th, Finished 1st. A Main Event: Started 1st, Colton Lead the whole race until lap 14. With 3 yellows, and Colton having 3 great restarts, on Lap 14, in corner 2, he pulls up high on the track and stops. The carb came loose, and motor stopped. The race was over for the 13c. Saturday morning, Bill and Colton pulled the motor and spent the day with the engine builder. All is back together and we are ready for the next one. Colton liked the car set up, and it looked like it was going to be his night. He did a great job! We would like to invite you and your families to visit us this Saturday at the Port of Subs in Mill Creek. Colton will have the #13c car there between 10:00 and 2-3:00 pm this Saturday, April 26th. We are excited to have Port of Subs, Mill Creek as a brand new sponsor for Heath Racing this year. We'll have some coupons available, and there is a "Race Day" special for lunch. Come meet Tony and his crew this Saturday!

Jr. 250 Micro Sprint race #2 April 11th, 2003

With Colton on Spring Break last week, he and Bill had the car all ready to go on Friday. We left the house at 2:00 and were up at Deming before 4:00. The weather was great, much warmer than the week before, and the track conditions were excellent. Practice is 3 laps, we discovered a problem with the chain tension bar. (Good to find these things out during practice). Colton's pill number was 60 (you draw a chip when you sign in). He was due up to qualify 10th out of 16 cars. A few cars qualified, when the track discovered a problem with the timing light. So, to save time, they once again (like last week), elected not to have qualifying. HEAT RACE #1 Started: 5th Finished: 5th Drivers report: Wrong gear Crew: Changed gear A-Main Started: 10th Finished: 2nd Drivers report: The car was still a little tight, but good.  Colton did a great job, in just the first lap, he moved up 4 positions. When a caution came out on lap 10, the 13c was in 3rd  place. Colton tried to sling shot around the 1st and 2nd place cars, which he did, but the starter threw the yellow. On this restart, Colton held back and took the green flag, out of corner 4 he shot past the 2nd place car and moved into 2nd where he stayed until the checkered flag came out. We would like to thank Rick and Bob of GCR Pro Racing who came up to help for the Main event. Special thanks to Gaylon Stewart who was there to crew for the 13c. Gaylon Stewart, past Bomber Champion and Super Stock driver from Evergreen Speedway, and past NW Tour driver, is now driving at Skagit Speedway. Last year he was awarded "Rookie of the Year" and finished in 2nd place for the season championship in the Sportsman class. This year, he will show them what he can do in the 360 class. Colton (and Bill & I) have a lot of respect for Gaylon's ability and knowledge. Thank you to Port Of Subs for their T-Shirt donation, and to TRAXX Indoor Raceways in Mukilteo for their Gift Certificate to Race. These items were used for Deming Speedway's Lucky Number Program give-aways. The announcers have been good to us by providing lots of air time for our sponsors.

Jr. 250 Micro Sprint race #1April 4th, 2003

We would like to thank Rick and Bob from GCR Pro Racing for coming up and helping us with the motor our first night. Thank you to Warren and Lynnette from Sandblasters Inc. who were came up and supplied Sandblaster Inc. T-shirts to the announcer for give aways, and mentioned their sponsorship of Colton this year. Special thanks to Gaylon Stewart who came up and crewed on the 13c Micro Sprint.  Gaylon’s racing knowledge and experience is greatly appreciated.  he weather was cold, but the track was in excellent condition.  So many cars at sign in, the track decided no qualifying. Total of 14 cars in Jr. 250 Class. Heat Race 1Started 4th Finished 2nd  - Drivers report:  Too tight, Adjustments made. A Main Started 4th Finished 7th   - Drivers report:  Too Loose

Colton's 2000 Finishes

WQMA - Paine Field, Mukilteo, WA

1st Place Season Champion

2nd Place - Region 9 (Northwest)

6th Place - Western Grand Nationals, Portlan, OR


Track Record Holder

Langley - 160 Class

I-5 - 160 Class

WQMA - 160 Class

WQMA - Sr. Novice


Winter In-door Flat Track 8 Race Series, Monroe, WA

Series Championship

2000 News

November 7th - Season Results

At the Western Grand Nationals, Colton qualified right into the A main, and finished 6th overall. Colton finished 2nd in points in the Northwest Region.

Mukilteo Club: Heavy 160 class - 1st Place Season Champion. Set Track record and kept it in this class this year.

Colton Club Trophies:

    "Sportsman of Year" award

    Track Record

     Roll Over

    Last year's "Most Improved".

Carla Club Trophy

    "Mother of the Year" award

September 22nd-24th - Region Race, Qualified fastest and broke track record, 2nd in Heat race, B Main started last Finished 2nd, A Main started 4th finished 1st.

September 16th - Club Race, 2nd in Heat race, 2nd in A Main.

September 11th - Region Race, B Main started last Finished 2nd, A Main started 8th finished 2nd.

September 10th - Region Race, qualified fastest, did not race Heat Race due to mechanical failure

August 25th - 27th - Region Race, Qualified 8th, 4th in heat race, 1st in B Main, 4th in A Main.

August 20th - Club Race, 1st in both heat races, 1st in A Main. Heath Racing would like to say Thank-you to Smart Service Inc. for donating $50.00 for Colton's  main event win to The American Diabetes Association.

July 21st - 30th  - Western Nationals, Qualified 3rd fastest, Finished 6th in the A Main without brakes most of the race..

July 16th  - Club Race, Qualified fastest, 2nd in heat race, 1st in A Main.

July 7th - 9th  - Region 9 Race Chehalis, Sr. Honda - Qualified fastest, 1st in C Main, Did not finish B Main. Heavy 160 Class - Qualified Fastest, 3rd Heat race, 5th A Main.

June 17th & 18th  - Region Race Portland, Qualified third fastest 6.458, 4th in heat race, 4th in B Main, 5th in A Main.

Heath Racing would like to say Thank-you to Smart Service Inc. In addition to their sponsorship, Smart Service Inc. donates $50.00 for every main event win to The American Diabetes Association.

June 10th - Club Race, Clean Sweep, 1st in heat race #1, First in Heat Race #2, 1st in A Main.

June 3rd - Club Race, 1st in heat race, 2nd in A Main.

May 27th - 28th - States Race Qualified 6th, 3rd in B Main. 6th in A Main.

May 21st - 1st in Heat Race, 4th in A Main. New Sponsor Smart Service, Inc.

May 13th - Clean Sweep, Won both heats and the A Main.

May 4th - A Main, Lost Chain and did not finish.

May 3rd - Qualified Second fastest time, Heat Race 1st Place from 8th position.

April 30th - Qualified fast time, No heat races , BROKE THE TRACK RECORD:  6.208, A Main:  1st Place

April 29th Heat 1:  1st Place , Heat 2:  1st Place , A Main:  1st Place

April 16th - Colton finished 3rd in the Heat race and First in the A main at the first Club race.

April 4th - NEW SPONSOR: Evergreen Speedway, Monroe, WA "The Super Speedway of the West"

March 25th - Colton and other 31 WQMA drivers participated in a car display at Evergreen Speedway on their Season Opener. 24 of these drivers participated in the flag ceremony before the nights events. After the flag ceremony, Colton's car was on display near the flag stand for the night.

March 4th - We loaned Colton's Fiser quarter midget to Mathew Cox for the drivers training at the WQMA track. Mathew is 9 years old and will be racing quarter midgets this year. Mathew did a great job on his first day of driving. Mathew's dad is Joel Cox who races Figure 8 and Super Stocks at Evergreen Speedway.

February 26 & 27 - Participated in the Quarter Midget Race Car Show at the Northgate Mall.

February 21st  - New updated website at and new Quarter Midget sponsor TRAXX in Mukilteo.

February 20th - The "Carla Heath School Bus" she raced Figure 8 in 1999 was featured on the front page of the Calendar section of the Seattle Times Newspaper. The picture was taken for the up close picture of the mushrooms growing in Monroe, with a nice picture of the School bus as the back drop.

February 19th and 20th - Participated in Everett Mall’s Quarter Midget Car show.

Over the winter Heath Racing purchased Colton a “Rice” quarter midget for asphalt racing.  Colton will use the Fiser for the dirt

Carla has accepted the job of Region 9 (Northwest) Publicity Director for QMA (Quarter Midget Association) nationally for 2000.


1999 Results

Colton Finished 4th in 1999 Season Points Championship at club level.

Colton Awarded Club “Most Improved” Driver.

Colton broke the WQMA Track Record in the Novice Senior Honda Class.

Colton Finished 7th in 1999 Region 9 Season Points Championship.

Heath Racing would like to thank our 1999 sponsors, friends and families for their support, encouragement, friendship, and understanding of our love for the sport.