South Snohomish County

Little League

2003 Rookie Giants




Players Runs Scored Positions
Mike J. 425-337-5315 7 Austin J. 9 OF, INF
Joe F. 425-337-6949 8 Casey W. 15 Pit., Cat., INF
Alan H. 425-337-6823 15 Cayce M. 20 Pit., Cat., INF
  11 Chase L. 17 Pit., Cat., INF
  1 Ethan A. 14 Pit., Cat., INF
Team Pictures 6 Jared E. 9 OF, INF
  9 Jason F. 22 Pit., INF
  4 Kyle C. 10 OF, INF
  3 Liam G. 10 OF, INF
  12 Riley H. 8 INF, OF, Cat.
  5 Ryan D. 6 OF, INF
  14 Ryan G. 23 Pit., Cat., INF, OF
  10 Sam J. 16 INF, OF
  13 Trevor V. 19 Pit., INF, OF


Time Place
Wednesday April 16th 5:30PM Complex #2 Home
Saturday April 19th 9:00AM Complex #5 Visitors
Monday April 21st 5:30PM Complex #5 Visitors
Wednesday April 23rd 5:30PM Seattle Hill #2 Home
Wednesday April 30th 5:30PM Seattle Hill #1 Home
Saturday May 3rd 10:00AM Emerson #1 Visitors
Monday May 5th 6:00PM Seattle Hill #1 Home
Thursday May 8th 6:00PM Totem Falls #1 Visitors
Monday May 12th 6:00PM Seattle Hill #2 Home
Thursday May 15th 6:00PM Complex #2 Visitors
Monday May 19th 4:30PM Seattle Hill Practice
Thursday May 22nd 6:00PM Complex #5 Home
Tuesday May 27th 6:00PM Emerson #1 Visitors
Saturday May 31st 9:00AM Complex #2 Home
Monday June 2nd 6:00PM Seattle Hill #1 Visitors
Saturday June 7th 2:00PM Complex #5 Home
Tuesday June 10th 6:00PM Seattle Hill #2 Home
Wednesday June 11th 6:00PM Complex #2 Visitors
Saturday June 14th 12:00PM Awards Party