Amanda Summers

Missing Missy

I remember when, I swung you in my arms, to keep you from screaming

They day you were with Ken Griffey Jr., we were all beaming


I will miss you at the picnics swinging on the swing

And spaying doctors with silly string


Waiting for Kim to come home, to here about missy's day

Never knowing, just what quite to say


The last night I left the hospital, I knew I would never see you again

I prayed for you, as I drove home through the rain


Only now that you are resting, with Pooh and his friends

Do I begin to understand, what special message, your part of God's plan sends


I realize your strength and wisdom were far beyond your years

As I write this and fight back the tears


When I feel down about my situation

I will always remember your inspiration


I am Missing Missy


by Alan Howard